Memorial Day weekend is here! And while you can take the digital marketer out of the office, we all know you can’t take the office away from the digital marketer. Luckily, with our weekly roundup, you can get your industry news fix on the fly. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Pinterest’s new ad suite offers motion-based promoted pins and better targeting.

“For the first time, Pinterest will offer motion-based promoted pins to advertisers on the mobile app, the bookmarking site said Tuesday. These so-called cinematic pins could feature a range of visuals such as a movie trailer, a laptop or a landscape. … The new ad suite will enable advertisers to target pins based on users’ interests and life stages, such as millennials, foodies or travelers.”

2. Instagram introduces Layout app on Android for making better collages.

“Layout, an app for making photo collages that Instagram introduced on iOS in March, is now available for Android. The app, which can be downloaded here, arrays your photos in a variety of grids. It’s meant to capitalize on the fact that about one in five Instagram users regularly post collages to their accounts, according to the company.”

3. Teen tech habits: 5 trends marketers should know.

Though teens aren’t yet fully independent—still largely reliant on their parents for financial support—they’re already highly influential shoppers. It goes without saying that marketers who get it right with this demographic will surge ahead in their category. But where to start? A crucial step is understanding where and how the 13 to 18 years olds of today like to communicate. Here’s what marketers need to know about teens’ tech habits.

4. Z Gallerie creates social buzz with catalog.

“Home furnisher Z Gallerie … created an integrated user-generated content campaign that leveraged organic excitement on Instagram to drive brand awareness, social visibility and catalog subscriptions through the spring and summer. The company saw a 24% increase in average weekly user-generated submissions, an increase of 10,000 Instagram followers, 99,000 Instagram interactions, 5.6 million potential Instagram impressions and [a] 24% increase in new catalog sign-ups.”

5. Chili’s tweaks its food to look better on Instagram.

“Chili’s Grill & Bar, catering to the Instagram crowd, revamped the look of its dishes to make them look better on social media. … The social-media preening is part of Chili’s push to attract tech-savvy diners. About a year ago, the chain completed a push to outfit all of its tables with digital devices.”

6. How Tumblr is disrupting today’s market.

“Tumblr is especially appealing to young people because it has such a wide variety of content types; users can express who they are with a lot of leeway. … The Tumblr team uses video, user-generated content, creative hashtags, and humor to captivate their target demographic. … The material is funny and relevant to the target demographic – because they made it!”

7. Pitch Perfect 2 rocks a strong social game, from Snapchat to Instagram.

“The movie has more than 300K followers on Snapchat, and its premiere trended on Twitter. The Los Angeles debut featured a Twitter Mirror, an Instagram Instastop, a Tumblr Gif booth and a Snapchat stop. ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars stars helped with reach on Snapchat, sending out scenes from the red carpet, and parts of the event were livestreamed on Periscope.”

8. Summer food festivals lean on digital marketing to boost expansion.

“New York-based food festivals want to attract millennials this summer. So, naturally, they are turning to social media. This weekend, two New York festivals—Harlem EatUp and Brooklyn Flea’s Seaport Smorgasburg—are leaning on Instagram and Facebook to take over Manhattan.”

9. Candie’s focuses campaign on Instagram.

“Candie’s will focus its spring/summer 2015 marketing campaign primarily on the social media network Instagram. … This is the first time the brand will feature a fashion blogger in a marketing campaign. The campaign, geared toward millennial customers, will reach over 40 million people through Instagram’s user engagement and additional print advertising.”

10. Empower your pins with these 12 simple tips.

Active pinners are 47% more likely to be approaching or in the midst of a major life event – getting married; buying, remodeling or revamping a home; having a baby; and so on. How can you make your pins more helpful to the millions of people who use Pinterest to plan for these moments? We’ve put together a visual guide with 12 simple tips that can help you do just that.