This week brings with it more studies and examples of how social platforms are driving engagement, traffic and, ultimately, revenue for brands. So, how does search play in? The first few articles from the week offer a closer look.

1. Better search will transform how you use Instagram.

“Ultimately, Instagram wants to be the place you go to see what’s happening in the world. You can read about the earthquake in Nepal on Twitter, but if you want to see it—to try to understand what the people of Nepal are going through—head to Instagram (#nepalphotoproject). … Storytelling is evolving, and Instagram wants to be the real-time view into the world.”

2. You can now search Tumblr for full text in addition to tags.

“Tumblr will now let you search the site for full text rather than just tags, making it much easier to find exactly the kind of content you’re looking for on the blog site. In addition to full text enabled search, the site will also allow users to search within a specific blog through the dashboard. Finally, Tumblr now lets users filter and sort results, and allows users to search for original posts.”

3. New study shows that Pinterest influences purchasing decisions.

“Pinterest likes to say it helps users plan for the future – when they are getting married, say, or decorating a home or planning a dinner party. Now, thanks to a study it co-sponsored, it can claim far more compelling business value: Pinterest helps users find things they want to buy.”

4. How hotels are monetizing Instagram.

Hotel News Now explains how Instagram represents a huge new monetization opportunity for hotels and how to take advantage. The article highlights how Conrad Hotels uses Curalate to enable users to book their stays via Instagram.

5. The impact of user-generated content in travel marketing.

“According to a study by Chase Marriott Rewards, 97% of all Millennial travelers post on social networks and share experiences with friends while traveling. In fact, 73% post to social networks at least once a day while traveling, and as of today, there are more than 39 million #travel photos on Instagram alone.”

6. 4 small businesses using social media to connect with customers.

Small businesses must work especially hard to reach customers, and some savvy entrepreneurs are using social media to build their brands and own distinct communities. The National Retail Federation lists the success stories of small businesses like Moorea Seal, Photojojo, The Woolery and The Burlap Bag.

7. Why your brand should be on Pinterest.

“By now most brands are aware they need to be on social media, but many never get beyond Facebook and Twitter. By limiting yourself you could be missing out on huge marketing opportunities presented by other social media sites. Pinterest, for example, has emerged as a valuable social network for many brands.”

8. The science behind posting on Pinterest.

“So what is the best frequency for Pinterest? What are the best days and times to post? And what sorts of pins do best when? The Next Web compiled the best of the data that’s out there into one Pinnable graphic.”

9. Tumblr launches campaign against cyberbullying, #PostItForward.

“As marvelous as the Internet can be, there are few corners of it that get nasty. … Tumblr is well aware of this, and it’s trying to do something about it. #PostItForward is a new campaign launched by Tumblr to combat online bullying. It takes the form of a dedicated blog on Tumblr – one that focuses on curating inspiring, positive posts and encouraging open communication about taboo subjects like sexuality and mental health.”

10. How influencer marketing improves the reach of Instagram photo campaigns.

“Photo contests and campaigns are a great way for brands to reach consumers where they are with creative and engaging content. However, running a successful photo campaign on Instagram is much more thought-intensive than just posting photos. … The not-so-secret ingredient is using social media influencers to help forge a relationship between brands and consumers on social media.”