Another week, another round of noteworthy platform updates and creative campaigns. While Pinterest has been hard at work opening its doors to developers, tons of brands have been launching visual initiatives on various platforms to effectively reach their target audiences. Let’s take a look.

1. At long last, Pinterest is opening up to developers.

“Pinterest is finally opening the doors for developers to access its information –  a little bit, at least. The company is rolling out a beta version of its development platform that will allow developers to tap into data of Pinterest users who connect their accounts to external applications. The company doesn’t plan to open the floodgates, but methodically bring in developers as part of a whitelist.”

2. Bank of America uses Pinterest to guide millennials through financial firsts.

“Bank of America created Better Money Habits (BMH), an online resource to help people understand their money. The site is open to anyone, with a focus on those just starting out – millennials. With the help of Promoted Pins, BMH content reached nearly 6 million people in less than 5 months and generated more than 29,000 repins.”

3. Longchamp appeals to loyalists with Le Pliage Tumblr.

“Longchamp’s Tumblr launched as part of the brand’s promotions for its customizable versions of the handbag, asking consumers to share a photo of a previous purchase for a chance at personalizing their own bag. This contest will allow the brand to reach out to loyalists, rewarding them for their support and enabling them to be part of the brand story.”

4. Why teens Instagram.

More than half of teens say Instagram helped define who they are, and 33% say they check Instagram first thing in the morning. In addition to these eye-opening stats on teen Instagram usage, MediaPost lists some reasons why teens love Instagram, and in turn, why brands should love the medium to connect with this audience, with perspective from a 17-year-old herself.

5. NFL launches Pinterest pages for all 32 teams.

“With the NFL Draft 2015 kicking off Thursday in Chicago, the NFL launched the team pages to encourage fans to show their support beyond the field. To help launch the content, the league drafted TV personality Kristin Cavallari (wife of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler) and Bears Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus to produce a series of comedic videos that showcase how fans will be able to interact on the platform.”

6. How to track conversions from Promoted Pins.

“If you’re interested in tracking how many sales your Promoted Pins lead to, you’ll want to implement conversion tracking. Conversion tracking is also very useful when trying to learn which types and styles of content are most effective at leading to conversions.”

7. Toms uses Instagram to give away a million shoes.

“To help celebrate the company’s anniversary, founder Blake Mycoskie is giving away a pair of shoes to a needy child each time someone posts a photo to Instagram of bare feet with the hashtag #withoutshoes. The promotion ends May 21, or when the company gives away a million shoes via non-governmental organizations such as Unicef and Save the Children.”

8. Ad Council Calls for UGC following viral success of “Love Has No Labels” video with 100MM+ views.

“Following the viral success of the Love Has No Labels video, which has been viewed more than 100 million times since March 2, the Ad Council is inviting the public to share their stories celebrating diversity and inclusion. In addition to encouraging the public to show how they’re putting labels and bias aside, the Ad Council has partnered with social media influencers who will develop content sharing their own stories of diversity and love.”

9. 8 reasons all brands should be on Instagram.

“Instagram is wonderfully simplistic and the most personal of the mobile platforms. It’s full of potential for connecting with a brand on a more intimate level. And if you’re thinking it’s just for millennials, you’re wrong. All ages and brands can benefit from what this app has to offer in terms of marketing. Here are eight reasons why all brands should be using Instagram.”

10. This simple Instagram campaign landed Z Gallerie 24% more print catalog subscribers in 2 weeks.

“Despite the e-commerce boom, print catalogs are still a lucrative business for furniture retailer Z Gallerie. But getting those catalogs into people’s hands is tougher than it was a few years ago, which is why the brand started employing Instagram about a month ago to rev up print subscriptions.”