This week, Pinterest and Instagram announced noteworthy updates that are expected to enhance experiences on their platforms. How can marketers take advantage of these updates to reach and engage their target audiences? Take a look.

1. Pinterest looks to developers to bring brands better tools and insights.

“To help marketers deliver the right pin to the right user at the right time, Pinterest launched a program with select developers on Monday. The program, Marketing Developer Partners, currently includes 10 developers who are building tools and services on top of Pinterest’s content publishing application program interface (API).”

2. Instagram is the modern storefront, and this means a lot for your business.

“Instagram is the modern equivalent of window shopping. Feet strolling through a fashion district has given way to fingers scrolling down a screen. There’s no commitment or pressure to buy –  just a window into the world of a brand.”

3. How brands can make UGC work for them.

“Many marketers are still hesitant to invest in dedicated UGC programs, thereby missing out on a valuable opportunity to create a lasting impact and make a connection with their target audience,” according to Al Cadena, senior account director at Beeby Clark + Meyler. Cadena addresses the three major issues holding marketers back, and why they should finally let go.

4. Millennials make up the majority of pinners, and they have a lot of money to spend.

Millennial buyers are projected to spend an annual $1.4 trillion by 2020. They also make up the biggest portion of Pinterest users. This article from Business2Community provides an overview of the millennial generation, their love for Pinterest, and what it means for brands.

5. Targeting teens? Get on Instagram.

“There’s still plenty of room for Instagram adoption among companies. Based on recent research by GfK for Pew Research Center, the platform presents brands with a good channel on which to reach teens. The study found that 52% of US teen internet users used Instagram – the second most popular social media platform among the group after Facebook (71%).”

6. Pinterest’s predictive board picker on iOS and Android cuts repinning time by 10%.

Pinterest’s new predictive board picker feature has been reported to reduce the average time spent on the repin flow by 10%. Further analysis also suggests that the feature is leading users to edit and delete less content.

7. TrueCar’s social campaign fosters more than just puppy love.

“When it comes to brand affinity, it takes a lot for consumers to throw companies a bone. Car buying-and-selling marketplace TrueCar helps foster this puppy love by lending a paw to its four-legged friends through its ‘True Love’ campaign.”

8. John Lewis and Cadbury show off first brand results on Instagram.

“John Lewis and Cadbury were among the first brands to advertise on Instagram in the UK and have now revealed positive results from their initial experiments.”

9. Everything you need to know about Instagram’s new filters and emoji update.

“Instagram just launched a new update that introduces three new photo filters and the ability to use emojis as hashtags. … After releasing five new filters in December, Instagram says Ludwig and Crema are now ‘the most popular filters overall,’ and it will continue to launch new filters ‘on a more regular basis.’”

10. Instagram launches @Music, its first official content vertical.

“Instagram … announced the launch of a new official community on its service dedicated to music and musicians that will live under the handle @music. This marks the first time the company has created a dedicated account devoted to a single subject.