Brands have been making major moves over the past few days. This week’s roundup reviews some of the most notable campaigns.

1. Airbnb first to use Instagram carousel ads in ‘Never a Stranger’ campaign.

The new campaign ties in with previous Airbnb activity, focusing on feel-good ads and imagery which promote community, new friendships and adventure. ‘Never a Stranger’ centers on a TV and online ad which will air in the US, UK and Australia. It follows an Airbnb guest across her travels in Tulum, Tokyo, Paris, New York and Rio.”

2. Z Gallerie invites catalog shoppers to show off their #PagesOfStyle. 

Today’s consumer is inundated with information every which way they turn. So, why are brands like Bonobos, Boden and Z Gallerie betting on print? Behold, the power of desire.

3. Why you need to follow Veuve Clicquot on Tumblr.

“French champagne brand Veuve Clicquot has expanded its social media presence by rolling out a Tumblr page. … The newly created Tumblr page features both a user-generated content section as well as an assortment of hashtags that categorizes the images uploaded to the page.”

4. Reebok allows consumers to virtually run through San Francisco with Instagram campaign. 

“Reebok has launched an Instagram-based campaign which allows followers to virtually run through San Francisco for a chance to win a pair of Reebok ZPump Fusion sneakers. The social game takes users on a virtual run through San Francisco with pictures of major city landmarks. Within each picture is a hidden Pump ball. Once users find the ball in a picture, they like the post, and move on to the next landmark.”

5. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics reveals #LONGWEARLIFEPROOF UGC campaign.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics’ #LONGWEARLIFEPROOF campaign is celebrating the launch of its new Long-Wear Eye Collection. The brand will partner with four decorated and GoPro-sponsored extreme athletes who will help promote the idea of “life-proof beauty.”

6. How Kraft, IKEA, and Sephora rake in leads with Tumblr.

“In addition to it being a struggle to engage and appeal to millennials, it also becomes necessary that marketing done on Tumblr will require large amounts of creativity in order to attract the attention of users. … As Tumblr’s popularity continues to grow, it becomes more important for brands to keep thinking of and executing creative approaches to draw the attention of millennials.”

7. Instagram becomes a choose-your-own adventure for the Toronto silent film festival.

“When Instagram added video to its social network, it allowed people to share their moving images in 15-second bursts. But limitations like time constraints always yield creative hacks, and to promote the Toronto Short Film Festival agency Red Lion found a way to turn the photo sharing platform into a choose-your-own-adventure silent film.

8. Banyan Tree Hotels markets to couples on Instagram.

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts wants to provide its visitors with ‘Instagram-worthy’ spots to propose to their significant others. In a bid to market their scenic locations, the hotel company’s latest marketing strategy is targeting avid social media fans.

9. Acne treatment brand Benzac debuts teen dramedy series ‘The Benzacs’ on Instagram.

“In the vein of teen classics such as ‘Mean Girls,’ ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘Sixteen Candles,’ acne treatment brand Benzac, with help from Deutsch New York, has launched ‘The Benzacs,’ a teen dramedy series that will unfold on Instagram.

10. Like Instagram. It’ll do wonders for your charity.

From a National Trust photo campaign to snaps from the Ebola frontline, Instagram can bring your supporters right up to the action. … “The best charity accounts on Instagram, for me, are those that use the app in the way it was originally intended – taking photos directly from their phone. … The quick insightful photos always look better in the app and actually show better rates of engagement,” says Joe Freeman, social media manager at hospice and neurological care charity Sue Ryder.