This was a big week for Instagram, so this week’s roundup explores the platform’s new app features, latest ad campaigns, and some ways brands can use it to build their own audiences. Let’s dive in.

1. See the first brands to use Instagram’s Carousel ads.

Old Navy, Samsung, Showtime and Banana Republic are among the first advertisers to buy into Instagram’s carousel ads. Adweek takes a look at how brands plan on using them to tell their stories.

2. Instagram adds color and fade tools as well as post notifications for specific accounts.

“Instagram has a couple of new photo editing tools available in its mobile applications. … The updates are like the more detail-oriented adjustments Instagram began making available to app users above and beyond its set filters last year, providing more granularity for those looking to add variety to their picture tweaks.”

3. Small business, big ideas: How Moorea Seal is acing Instagram.

Instagram is prime audience-building ground for small and large brands alike. To learn more about how small businesses can thrive on Instagram, we interviewed Moorea Seal. Moorea shared the influence Instagram has on her brand, and top tips for small businesses who want to succeed on the platform, too.

4. Instagram ads thrive in the U.K.

“How have Instagram ads fared in the U.K. since launching there last September? Instagram offered an overview of campaigns by retailer John Lewis, broadcast television network Channel 4 and chocolate brand Cadbury in a post on the Instagram for Business blog.”

5. 5 ways brands can light up Instagram with its new Layout app.

Instagram recently introduced Layout, an app enabling users to create photo collages. Brands like Taco Bell and Marriott are already getting tons of engagement on their Layout-produced photos. Find out how you can, too.

6. What Kim Kardashian can teach brands about building a long-term Instagram audience.

“Regardless of whether you’re willing to call her a marketing expert, Kim’s point echoes the words and actions of some major players in the marketing industry over the past several months. … ‘This isn’t about doing another website. It’s about creating a digital destination.’”

7. Instagram ROI: What your brand can expect from working with influencers.

To fully measure the outcome of influencer marketing, brands must set informed goals. To help, Adrants lists three main returns brands can expect from working with influencers.

8. How Instagram is crucial to Stuart Weitzman’s overall brand-building strategy.

Stuart Weitzman recently launched ads on Instagram. In doing so, the retailer aims to build its Instagram following (which currently stands at approximately 182,000 consumers), as well as drive sales.

9. Newspapers hunt for new readers on Instagram.

The American Journalism review took a look at the material that top newspapers are posting on Instagram to engage with viewers, and found that all editors seemed to share a common approach: using Instagram as a way to promote their company’s name.

10. FOX launches ‘Fear Factory’ campaign on Instagram and Twitter to promote “Poltergeist.”

“The idea is to create a ‘Fear Factory’ wherein fans and influencers post to social media, particularly Instagram and Twitter, with the hashtag #WhatAreYouAfraidOf and receive custom responses.”