April has arrived, bringing with it the requisite slew of April Fool’s pranks and, of course, plenty of industry news. Let’s dive in.

1. Search, social, and shopping: Pinterest turned 5 this week!

While Pinterest’s core audience has always been female, its popularity is growing faster than ever among men. It is also winning in the all-important mobile space, and enjoying a healthy expansion overseas. As Pinterest celebrates its fifth birthday this week, US News lists five must-knows about the site and where it’s headed.

2. Tumblr’s mobile app adds  ‘Buy,’ ‘Pledge,’ and ‘Get Involved’ buttons to select posts.

With an update to its mobile application for iOS, Tumblr posts linking to certain sites will now automatically be given buttons that let others “Buy,”  “Pledge,” or “Get Involved.” These buttons appear at the bottom of the post itself as well as on Tumblr’s dashboard, and in the case of the “Buy” button, also include the item’s price.

3. Lord & Taylor got 50 Instagrammers to wear the same dress, which promptly sold out.

Lord & Taylor’s recent Instagram campaign shows that flooding fashion feeds can pay off. The retailer blitzed into feeds by partnering with 50 influential fashionistas on Instagram and having each pose wearing the same dress. The result? The dress sold out.

4. What makes Tumblr the most obscure social media platform in sports?

“‘Tumblr is a training ground for other social media platforms,’ says Dewayne Hankins, VP of Marketing/Digital for the Portland Trail Blazers. ‘It’s best used as a place to share images, fan artwork and animated gifs that might make some sense. … Stuff that catches fire on Tumblr, we share on other platforms.’”

5. How to become ‘Instafamous’ – tips from 12 Instagram influencers.

Instagram success is more than just science. It’s art. This guide offers 25 ideas for taking awesome Instagram photos, which free apps and tools to try, and 20+ visual examples from award-winning photographers and Instagram influencers.

6. How top travel brands on social media perform on Pinterest, Vine, and Tumblr.

Skift takes a look at the brands that drive the highest social activity within the most active social sectors, and compares this to what they’re doing on image-dependent platforms like Pinterest, Vine, and Tumblr. Of the top five airline, booking sites, destinations, hotels and media brands, research revealed that 75% are on Pinterest; 70% are on Vine; and 30% are on Tumblr.

7. Instagram is a ‘model’ platform, literally.

Australia’s leading modeling agencies are looking to Instagram to find fresh faces, and brands are reaching out directly to web celebrities to leverage their popularity for promotional means. To address this industry trend, one modeling agency has announced an “Influencer” division for talent with a strong presence on social media.

8. For success in social media, conversation is not enough— you need narrative.

Cognitive anthropologist Bob Deutsch argues that brands seeking connections with people should be looking to enter their self-narratives, not their conversations.