March has brought with it warmer weather and hotter news on the visual web. This week, we explore what brands and visual platforms alike have in store for the spring season.

1. The Times’ New Instagram account joins the visual conversation.

This new account is not The Times’ first editorial venture onto Instagram. So why are they starting another one? “To showcase our network of photographers and engage in the conversation and growing interest in photography that Instagram has encouraged. We want to provide some insight into how our photojournalists work.”

2. Move over, Reddit: Tumblr is the new front page of the Internet.

“Tumblr is definitely spawning serious discussion … Its influence in the case of memes and viral images is starting to rival more established image-based sites [like Reddit].”

3. “I’m on Pinterest,” admits man.

“I am a male Pinterest user. And guess what? I’m proud of it.” Believe it or not, 1/3 of all signups on Pinterest today are men. Here’s a first-hand account from (gasp!) a male pinner, explaining what he pins and why marketers should care.

4. How travel brands are guiding consumers through the ‘5 stages of travel’ on Instagram.

Spring break! This is the ideal time for brands to capture their share of wanderlust demand. Check out how to guide travelers on Instagram all the way from dreaming to celebratory sharing.

5. How 3 businesses use Pinterest to learn what their customers covet.

“By asking new customers to share Pinterest links, Stitch Fix, Homepolish and Heather Cleveland Design gain insight they couldn’t get without the social bookmarking service.

6. Old Navy taps Tumblr to engage millennials this spring.

In an bid to re-engage the millennial segment, Old Navy is launching a new marketing campaign for its spring fashion lineup that will run across Tumblr and Yahoo.

7. Instagram will hit 100 million U.S. users by 2018.

“Already bigger than Twitter with 300 million monthly users globally, Instagram is on track to reach 100 million users in the U.S. alone within three years. According to recent research by eMarketer, the Instagram user base in the U.S. grew 12% last year, which amounted to 48 million users.”

8. UGC: 3 tactics for converting customers into brand advocates.

“Today’s smartest brands view their customers as co-creators. … They actively encourage customers to share their brand-oriented experiences and amplify those experiences by weaving them into their own marketing initiatives.”