Black and blue, or white and gold? Whatever the color of the dress, this past week was an eventful one. Let’s take a look at the most buzzworthy campaigns across visual platforms, and how platform developers are striving to make marketers’ lives easier.

1. Tumblr has released stats around #TheDress.

A few key findings: 73MM total pageviews on the original dress posted by swiked. 140K pageviews per minute between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. on Thursday. 483K notes on the original post by the end of Friday night.

2. The NBA offers clues to Instagram mastery.

If brands that are investing in March Madness want to effectively extend their campaigns to social video, they should turn to basketball’s big boys for inspiration. As master of the “photo cliffhanger,” the NBA offers some key lesson for marketers.

3. Drive more Pinterest conversions with these 6 key tips.

Pinterest has introduced a host of new features since just last year. How can marketers keep up with it all and recognize which changes directly affect their brand? Here’s what you need to know about Pinterest’s updates to search and ads – and how to optimize for these changes.

4. How Instagram upped the ante this awards season.

A new job description, “official event Instagrammer,” became one of the hottest gigs this awards season. The teams behind the Golden Globes, Grammys and Academy Awards hired famous photographers in an effort to increase engagement and impressions on Instagram. 

5. Pinterest’s plan to win over agency creatives.

Pinterest’s head of brand and agency strategy, Kevin Knight, is on a mission to educate the agency world in all things Pinterest. With Pinterest ramping up its monetization efforts, Knight hopes to do less teaching this year and start guiding agencies through actual brand campaigns.

6. 7 ways brands can early millennials’ loyalty (and dollars).

By the end of this year, millennials are set to overtake Boomers as the largest living generation in the U.S. It’s more important now than ever to gain Gen Y’s loyalty. While some brands have absolutely nailed it, some marketers are still unsure how to win over this moving target. Here are seven ways brands can effectively reach this influential demographic.

7. Travel brands are guiding consumers through the ‘5 stages of travel’ on Instagram.

The creativity that Instagram encourages now allows brands to maintain an active presence during every stage of the travel cycle – through all of the dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing and sharing. Take a look at how travel brands like Hilton and Hyatt are using Instagram to capture their share of the wanderlust demand.

8. Pinterest to offer advertisers a more precise way to reach intended audiences.

Previously, marketers were only able to target interests broadly, like sports, for example. But now, they’ll be able to target specific sports like soccer. In addition, Pinterest will test a new ad format: animated pins that move when users scroll. While the specifics on when the new services will be rolled out are unclear, we do know that testing will begin in the coming months.