In the spirit of St. Valentine, brands have been speaking the language of social and love. This week, we take a look at what how the visual web is inspiring consumers to think beyond candy and flowers.

1. Valentine’s Day highlights the new cycle of seasonal shopping.

“Valentine’s Day no longer creeps up for shoppers, as visual networks such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram serve as constant reminders, according to Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate.”

2. Use these 5 ways to drive Valentine’s Day traffic and sales with Instagram.

This year, U.S. consumers are projected to spend $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day presents for their loved ones. Here are five ways brands are using Instagram to inspire and sell.

3. Instagram and Victoria’s Secret are dominating social fashion chatter.

New York Fashion Week is finally here, which means fashion brands can expect a swell of engagement from fans. This infographic from social media analytics firm Engagor details how fashion lovers interact with their favorite brands on social networks. An interesting takeaway? Instagram leads the social networks in style buzz.

4. Start making money off your selfies.

“Frequent selfie posters are sometimes labeled as vain or self-centered. But thanks to a new app, there’s another word that could be used to describe these social media mavens—profitable.”

5. New Pinterest contest rules aim to wean out spam.

“Hosting contests on social media can be a great tactic for businesses, but it can also be abused. After feeling that their previously lax form was being taken advantage of and wanting to avoid actions they view as spam, Pinterest has decided to set new Pinterest contest rules.”

6. Check out these 14 eye-opening Instagram statistics.

Despite its relative youth, engagement on Instagram is 15 times that of Facebook’s, and the photo platform has already surpassed Twitter in popularity. In recognition of Instagram’s rapid growth in the social community, here are 14 statistics you should know about the app.

7. VisitBritain turns to Tumblr to boost tourism.

VisitBritain launched its “Discover Great Britain” Tumblr last summer with the goal of attracting travelers through compelling, long-lasting content. The results? In just three weeks, they generated 15MM impressions and 200K note.

8. 5 ways user-generated content campaigns will kickstart your brand.

A low cost and effective marketing strategy that will foster consumer loyalty? Every marketer’s dream. If it’s executed properly, UGC can be your best bet. Here are 5 reasons you might want to consider leaving your marketing strategy up to your fans.

9. Book a hotel … straight from Instagram.

Want to stay in that amazing suite you saw on Instagram? Now you can book it right from your Instagram! Conrad Hotels is now letting travelers book rooms at its 24 hotels by clicking on an Instagram photo of that property.

10. Tumblr’s fashion week bloggers will create sponsored content this season.

“After years of sending bloggers to fashion week, Tumblr is adding advertising to its program … five artists will be creating content specifically for a Tresemmé campaign that lives on the haircare brand’s Tumblr page.”