Are you ready for some football?! The Big Game is just a week away, which means—you guessed it—Super Bowl Ads are the topic du jour. This year’s ads will also be available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube’s AdBlitz channel, Hulu, and a new Tumblr page supported by NBC Sports. Read about that (and more) below as we round up the must-reads of the week.

1. NBC turns to Tumblr to feature Super Bowl ads.

NBC Sports’ new Super Bowl Tumblr page will be populated with original content ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. On game day, the page will convert into a hub for Super Bowl TV ads

2. Doritos rocks UGC for its Super Bowl campaign, and has 10 lessons for brands.

Touchdown! Doritos announced the finalists in yet another round of its “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. What can brands learn from this annual campaign? Be memorable. Be relevant. And own your own territory. See the tips here. 

3. Brands help fans fulfill their New Year’s #Resolutions…on Instagram.

As social media users increasingly turn to their networks for inspiration in the New Year, the opportunity for brands to engage them on Instagram is substantial. Here’s what brands like Nordstrom and Sephora are doing to reach their goal-making fans.

4. As Pinterest pitches ads, brands flock to Pinfluencers.

“Pinterest’s influencers are individuals–often bloggers–who have been able to cultivate large followings on the social network and are familiar with what resonates with its users. The best “Pinfluencers” attract attention for brands without overtly selling their products.” 

5. These 4 major brands are driving in-store user-generated content.

In-store Instagram campaigns can be a major benefit to brands that are looking to boost organic engagement. Find out what brands like French Connection and Applebee’s are doing to encourage fans to share photos while shopping in their stores.

6. Tumblr unveils “Fandometrics” to chart pop cultural conversations.

At the end of each week, Tumblr will post the results of how each pop fandom ranks on the platform, along with a marker which shows their rank relative to the previous week. The Fandometrics homepage will showcase the most talked-about people, shows, and other media buzz, based on what people are talking about.

7. Instagram invites Android users to a beta program.

Instagram has been inviting Android users to take pre-release versions of its social app for a spin before they hit the Google Play Store.

8. Tumblr is building out a Chinese version of its platform.

Some Tumblr users in China have received invites to join the closed beta test of the translated site. “While blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger are blocked by China’s Great Firewall on the mainland, Tumblr is not. That’s probably due to the site not having a Chinese version and most of the content being more fun and shareable rather than serious and informative.”