Not that this is exactly surprising, but this week, we saw a plethora of reports confirming that, across all demographics, social media usage continues to rise. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Who’s really using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram in 2015? (Infographic)

How will the social landscape change over the next two years as social sharing and communication technologies continue to evolve? Exclusive data from eMarketer shows which networks will continue to gain momentum while others lose ground.

2. Men needn’t be afraid of Pinterest anymore.

BuzzFeed offers 11 compelling reasons for men to get in on the Pinterest action. Start reaching your male audience on Pinterest by creating guy-friendly content, whether that means pinning about men’s fashion or fitness.

3. Tumblr introduces embeddable posts.

Tumblr is enabling users to share their Tumblr posts elsewhere, and Refinery29, BuzzFeed and HuffPo are already on board. Where can brands embed their Tumblr content? Tumblr’s staff weighs in.

4. Pinterest is amping up its search capabilities. 

With their latest search updates, Pinterest is making it even easier to find what you’re looking for on the platform. Get the scoop.

5. Social network usage is still growing among Americans.

According to a survey released by the Pew Research Center: “Teenagers may be spending more time on messaging services like Snapchat, but American adults are still increasing their use of social networks.”

6. Pinterest is revolutionizing the world of interior design.

Great news for home and design brands. For consumers looking to spruce up their place, old or new, Pinterest is a go-to resource. “It’s made me more confident in my choices, because I can actually visualize what something looks like,” says one Pinterest devotee.

7. Luxury brand La Mer launches a UGC campaign, #EyesLightUp.

To highlight the emotional appeal of customer stories, Estée Lauder brand Crème de la Mer launched a UGC campaign, #EyesLightUp. The campaign encourages fans to make their own photo mosaics of the things that illuminate their lives.

8. Brands help goal-oriented consumers set resolutions on Instagram.

Bloomingdale’s and Saks are offering up recipes, healthy tips and more on Instagram to “connect with consumers over personal goals,” showing a more human side at the start of this new year.

9. 12 future supermodels… spotted on Instagram.

“Gone are the days when young model wannabes might hope to get scouted in an airport (like Kate Moss) or eating at McDonald’s (like Gisele Bündchen). These days, casting agents are increasingly doing “digital castings” on Instagram — which means you can rest easy in Mickey D’s, as long as your latest selfie is on point.”

10. Check out these “12 terrific Tumblrs for brand inspiration.”

This Econsultancy blog post features 12 brands (Sephora, Ford, IKEA and Keds, among others) that have been absolutely crushing the Tumblr game. Ready to learn a thing or two?