Head on over to any of your favorite retail sites, and you’ll notice that most are sharing loads of editorial content by way of brand blogs. For businesses that embrace content marketing, blogging is a no-brainer – an important way to place products within a new digital context. By telling stories, sharing suggestions, and providing a platform for beautiful images, blog content helps consumers discover the different ways in which they identify with your brand.

While brand blogs continue to serve as an essential consumer touch point, until recently, marketers struggled to connect all that great editorial content to commerce. It’s why we’ve been so eager to see how brands have adopted Curalate Reveal. Launched in late October, Curalate Reveal enables consumers to discover and shop for the products they love by simply pointing to them within pictures. It makes for a cleaner and more intuitive digital experience, and brands are seeing a dramatic improvement in blog engagement as a result. The numbers don’t lie:

Brand blogs with Curalate Reveal are driving a 110% increase in click-throughs.

But enough about us. We’re not just here to talk about how jazzed we are to see brands benefiting from Reveal. We really wanted to show you some awesome examples of the technology in action to inspire your own marketing strategy. Take a look, and share your favorites in the comments below.

1. Rejuvenation: Furniture With a Story to Sell

shoppable brand blogs rejuvenation

Rejuvenation, a classic American home furniture retailer, specializes in made-to-order pieces with stories to tell. Their blog is a reflection of these stories. And with Reveal, they’re able to bring these visual tales to life.

In the example shown here, you’ll notice that a single image on Rejuvenation’s blog might feature as many as five products from a collection. Curalate Reveal makes it easy for readers to browse full collections within a single photo and to take action on items that might look good in their own homes. Being able to swiftly identify what a product is and whether it’s available is key to driving action from shoppers. Now, Rejuvenation’s blog doesn’t just have a story to tell – it has a story to sell.

2. Mark & Graham: Interactive Editorial Imagery

shoppable brand blogs mark and graham

With Mark & Graham, it’s personal. To give their timeless monogrammed merchandise a personal feel, Mark & Graham frequently shares recipe tutorials, entertainment ideas, style suggestions and other useful content that demonstrates what their products look like in real scenarios. It’s not just the brand’s blog that’s rich in content either; their entire website is brimming with beautiful brand images. With Reveal, Mark & Graham can tie any creative asset across their website to commerce.

3. Free People: Bring Your Digital Catalog to Life

shoppable brand blogs free people

The Free People blog is the epitome of a lifestyle destination, providing fans with tips on fashion, music, beauty, design and much, much more. It’s highly informative and inspirational, all while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

At the start of each season, Free People publishes a digital catalog featuring products from their latest line. As expected, the photos in their fall look book appear as though they were torn from the pages of a fashion magazine. With Reveal, the team was able to enhance the browsing experience by creating a unique way for consumers to shop the collection directly from catalog photos.

4. Crate & Barrel: Tips and Tutorials

shoppable brand blogs crate and barrel

Crate & Barrel’s blog is a beacon of beauty; their home and design tips run the gamut, from building a rustic home and crafting the perfect cocktail to hosting a backyard party. The brand regularly partners with well-known influencers across a number of categories—food, wedding, decor—to publish recipes, how-tos, DIY, and other instructional content on their site. Each spread exudes authenticity and credibility, and features professional quality images packed with dozens of the brand’s products. With Reveal, Crate & Barrel can now tag influencer images with all of the cookware, cutlery and appliances needed to put these awesome ideas into practice.

5. Murad: Increase the Value of Content from Events

shoppable brand blogs murad

Popular skin care brand Murad had a strong presence during New York Fashion Week. Murad is using Reveal to extend the life of high value creative assets, including behind-the-scenes footage from the event. In this example, the brand linked exclusive footage to popular skin care products used by models and designers, encouraging readers to explore, discover and shop big beauty trends.

6. Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.: A Weekly Roundup of Instagram Inspiration

shoppable brand blogs schoolhouse electric

Home furnisher Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. is using Reveal to share weekly roundups of Instagram photos. The benefit is two-fold. Schoolhouse is able to showcase inspiring images from an important channel in a unique editorial context, while also creating a direct path to the products that are featured.

“We’re known for our beautiful products and compelling imagery, which our consumers love to see showcased across our blog,” says Kirsten Nieman, Director of Marketing at Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. “With Curalate Reveal, we’re helping our consumers more easily find and purchase our products through a very intuitive experience.”

7. PBteen: A Platform for Favorable Fan Photos


One of the best ways to give a nod to fans is to promote the brand content they share on social channels. PBteen encourages their customers to share photos of their well-decorated rooms across a number of digital channels, including Instagram and Pinterest. With Reveal, the brand is able to leverage these images throughout their blog—The Stylehouse—while giving readers an easy way to figure out what products fan photos contain.

Here’s a great example of Reveal in action on the PBteen blog. Each image was shared by a PBteen fan using the hashtag #mypbteen, totaling 10 images and 36 products. Traditionally, this volume of links would create friction for consumers; it would look clunky, and shoppers wouldn’t know what to click. Reveal changes this.

“Curalate Reveal has dramatically improved the consumer shopping experience across our blog,” says Allyson Buscemi, Social Media Manager at PBteen. “We have seen a higher click-through rate on the images in our blog, made even better with the ease in getting Curalate Reveal up and running in a matter of minutes.”

Final Thoughts

Most marketers agree that innovation with brand blogs—not to mention all of the inspiring editorial content that lives on digital—has been at a standstill for too long. With Curalate Reveal, brands are substantially improving product discovery and turning ordinary editorial pieces into extraordinary shopping experiences.