How many times have you shared an image on Instagram only to find that—d’oh!—you forgot a word or, even worse, misspelled your own brand? Yesterday, Instagram made an important announcement highlighting the addition of a new “Edit” option for content captions. This has been a top request from the ‘Gramming community, and it is finally here!

Now, when you share a photo or video to Instagram, typos will no longer get in the way. This feature is not only convenient—allowing you to edit away typos quickly and easily—but also strategic. Forgot a hashtag? Add them retroactively, and make your photo more searchable. Or, you might decide to rephrase a caption altogether to polish your messaging and keep your content up-to-date. Either way, this new feature will be a major time-saver for brands. Moreover, because you no longer need to delete a post to make a change, you can preserve all that engagement you’ve generated from adoring, tap-happy fans.

To learn how you can start using this exciting Instagram feature today, see our step-by-step guide below.

1. Choose the photo or video you want to edit, and tap the icon in the bottom right corner (the one with three small dots). Select “Edit.”

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2. Revise your caption. You can edit text, add hashtags, incorporate emojis, and so on.

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3. Add a new location. Tap “Add Location” (magnified below) to search for or create a new tag.

Image captions on Instagram

4. Modify or remove an existing location tag. Click on the current location tag (highlighted below). Choose “Remove Location” or “Change Location” to update your tag accordingly.

Instagram location tags

5. Instagram still allows you to tag users retroactively. To do so, tap on “Tag People” in the bottom left corner of your photo, and search for the user you want to add. To tag additional users, simply tap the photo again.

changing captions on Instagram

6. Click “Done” to finalize your photo.

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7. Voilá! Your Instagram post is now perfectly captioned and ready to go.

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