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How to Make Better Social Videos in 2018

Social videos are on the rise. They’re dynamic, eye-catching, and easily consumable —  making them very consumer-friendly. Social videos are also turbo-charged by smartphones and tablets, which account for half of all video views.

If you’re investing in social video right now, odds are you’re making the right bet: By 2020, internet video will represent 79% of global internet traffic. The brands who win the lion’s share of attention will be the ones who hone their video chops in the years to come.

Are you ready to up your video marketing game? Try these four strategies:

1. Partner with an influencer

How did influencers get to where they are now? One reason is they consistently posted content that resonated with their followers. In short, they’ve developed a finely tuned sense of what content works and what doesn’t. That’s great news for you: It means influencers put you on the fast track to making highly compelling videos.

Once you have an influencer (or micro-influencer) lined up, share your marketing goals with them. Then give them wide creative latitude to produce a stellar video. The influencer will know how to weave your brand promotion with content that feels natural to their audience. Plus, they’ll be front-and-center in your video, so you want them to be passionate about what they’re presenting to your potential customers.

There’s a bonus to working with an influencer: After they’ve helped you create a video, they can also help you promote it to their highly engaged followers.

Check out how Dwayne Johnson collaborated with Under Armour for their USDNA Collection. Not only did Johnson promote the collection, but he also knew what messaging would resonate with the target audience.

We interviewed 1,000 consumers. The takeaway? Social videos act as a digital storefronts, introducing consumers to products they never knew existed. Download our free 2017 Curalate Consumer Survey for all the results.

2. Go live

Live video brings an energy that normal video doesn’t, and it’s become an extremely popular way for brands to reach followers. Jayson DeMers writes in Forbes that there are three reasons live video works so well.

  • Video is captivating. Consumers tend to prefer visual content, and videos have become more popular in recent years.
  • “In the moment” value. There’s a certain energy to experiencing something as it’s happening. This dynamic is especially valuable on social media.
  • User engagement. Live video encourages engagement — especially if the broadcaster solicits it.

Live video works double time for your marketing. First, you reach your most engaged followers who tune in and interact with you live. Then, you can distribute the recording of the video to your other followers.

Look to Benefit Cosmetics for some live-video guidance. The brand regularly hosts the Tipsy Tricks series that’s filled with helpful makeup advice (and wine!) Benefit films the series live and takes questions from their audience. After the broadcast is over, the videos are available on the brand’s Facebook page, where they can be viewed anytime.

It's all about brows this week on Tipsy Tricks! Our Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey joins Stephanie to tell you all about our new colorFULL brows kit available only at Ulta Beauty! Comment below with your brow questions!

Posted by Benefit Cosmetics on Thursday, July 6, 2017

3. Make it practical

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true video format that will never go out of style, go for practicality. Tutorial and “how to” videos are especially valuable because they give people advice that can be acted upon.

What’s more, practicality is an element that helps content go viral. Even if your video doesn’t help your viewer immediately, your viewer may think of someone else it might be useful for. And sharing makes them feel good, because it arms them with a nugget of value they can gift to their friends and family.

Want to learn from a master of practicality? Watch a few Lowe’s DIY videos, which get countless views across the brand’s social media channels:

And check out videos from Buzzfeed Tasty, which show quick, fun recipes for mouth-watering meals and desserts.

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You can make your own personal pizza prep at home 😍🍕!

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4. Take your followers behind the curtain

From your product or service to the content you produce, your followers only see your most polished material. But they’re dying to see the inner workings of your brand. So, give them what they want!

Try publishing sneak peeks of projects or products you have in the works. Not only is this a great way to produce entertaining, low-cost content, but it’s also a stellar way to build buzz before your final reveal. Followers who get an early look will feel invested in the creative process and share their excitement with their friends.

Behind-the-scenes looks are great for content too: They’ll make your followers feel like insiders. They’re also fairly easy to create, as they’re a natural byproduct of your brand’s normal activities. Whatever you’re working on — whether it’s a photo shoot, live event or big sale — you can turn on the camera and produce content from something you’d be doing anyway.

Take some inspiration from Neiman Marcus. They’re always running photo shoots, but they end up publishing more than just images. They make sure to create dazzling behind-the-scenes videos while they’re at it.

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