When luxury brands hear social commerce, their immediate reactions are usually to avoid user-generated content in their Instagram feed. There’s a lot more to social commerce than that, though, and Louis Vuitton has embraced some of the not-so-obvious aspects of it.

For this pioneer brand, social commerce is not related so much to UGC but to the natural link between the content that’s produced for social channels and the products that content features In other words, how can Louis Vuitton make the process of finding a bag, a pair of shoes or a fragrance that someone saw easier to find?

The brand always wanted to link their Instagram feed, their biggest channel, with their e-commerce. Asking someone who was on Instagram to visit the site, and search through the brand’s catalogue, would add an element of friction the team at Louis Vuitton felt was unnecessary.

Closing that gap, then, was step one for the Maison.

Internally, the team at Louis Vuitton identified this as a primary objective for two reasons:

  1. Improve the on-site performance of social traffic. As the team made the pivot away from a purely awareness play on social, this became a big internal driver.
  2. Customers were literally asking for it. In looking at the types of comments customers left on social posts, the most frequent had to do with looking for the product names, availabilities and other related questions. For Louis Vuitton, adding product data to their social content became the most efficient way to respond to such requests.

From there, the team at Louis Vuitton has adjusted its social strategy based on data gleaned from Curalate insights.

Instagram, no surprise here, has become the key social channel for the brand, delivering the most engagement and helping its new campaigns—like Virgil Abloh’s debut, the launch of the brand’s headphones and Dauphine bag, and Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louvre show—break out.

Adding to that, the brand has been investing in Instagram Stories, where it’s able to take a different approach to storytelling and offer behind-the-scenes looks at the campaigns.

While UGC may not be in Louis Vuitton’s strategy, it doesn’t have to be. they’ve fully embraced the connection between social and ecommerce, building a social commerce program that’s deepening brand connections for its 33+ million Instagram followers and driving ecommerce KPIs for the business.