By now you’ve likely heard about Snapchat Spectacles, the Google-glass-ish eyewear the company dropped for purchase at different mystery locations across the country. Put on the Spectacles, record whatever you’re seeing right in front of you (that pristine beach view, bright cityscape, whatever) and the recorded story automatically uploads to your Snapchat to share with your friends (or customers). Spectacles take Snapchat to an entirely new level. But here’s the kicker — parent company Snap Inc. has only released a very limited amount of Spectacles, creating high demand, long lines and a rush to use the wearable tech.

Across the country, frenzied tech lovers have been hurrying to each Snap “bot” (Snap-style vending machines and the only place to purchase the Spectacles) after each mystery location is revealed online. (Some people have even gone as far as paying other people to pick up the glasses for them to ensure they get a pair.) But a few companies who’ve gotten their hands on Spectacles are already using the new technology to bolster their marketing strategies.

Sour Patch Kids uploaded a fun video, similar in style to Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos, with a Spectacles-wearer making cookies with Sour Patch Kids in them. The video features regularly seen mobile Snapchat icons, like added text and emojis, but watches the baking process as if from the eye of the baker. The Sour Patch Kids story uses text to relay baking instructions to the viewers (“add flour”), to avoid liability with a “Do Not Attempt” disclaimer when the wearer removes the hot cookies from the oven, and emojis for a bit of quirk.

Esquire Network’s Spectacle story proves a bit more daring. From the viewpoint of a motorcyclist, the Spectacles-wearer zooms around Venice Beach, Calif., weaving in and out of traffic. At the end of the Snap story, Esquire adds text asking viewers to “enjoy the ride” with the network for the premiere of its new show, “Wrench Against the Machine” on Tuesday night. The video not only engages the interest of the audience but also utilizes content personalization to reach potential viewers.

VaynerMedia took to the #MannequinChallenge to a whole new level. People in the office working, someone playing Connect Four, one guy double-fisting iced coffee and another wearing an abominable snowman costume make for a fun video — shot with Snapchat Spectacles. The video has the typical features of a regular Snapchat story — there’s a little grey cat illustration emoji in the corner, there’s a text denoting the “VM Mannequin Challenge” — but the perspective is brand new. The video flows more easily thanks to the convenience of wearing the video recorder rather than someone fumbling around with a phone in their hands. The video (if the viewer rotates their phone horizontally) also shows up as a circular video—a new way to view Snapchat stories entirely. VaynerMedia gets the audience excited about the new tech by pointing out the new circular video and effectively increases the perceived demand for the Spectacles.

Mountain Dew’s Spectacles video took us on a ride with a skateboarder — the skateboarder holds up a Mountain Dew and drinks the soda while gliding around. While the company seems to have only engaged its Snapchat followers for this video (the Snap story isn’t available online), the company’s still using the newest techniques to engage their most loyal brand followers. Watch the Spectacles story here.

Yes, Snapchat’s been a part of the marketing game for some time now, but the Snapchat Spectacles create a new marketing opportunity that we expect to grow significantly is becomes easier for people — and brands — to buy them.

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