Snapchat content is here today, gone tomorrow. Literally. But did you know that you can incorporate Snapchat content across other social platforms? You can. And you should.

For a platform with a 24-hour lifespan, it can be an understandably hard sell for brands to invest resources in Snapchat. But it’s short-sighted given that Snapchat gets 10 billion video views daily, and seven out of 10 users are millennials, a demographic marketers are spending 500% more to reach than all others combined, according to eMarketer.

There are some lesser-known features on Snapchat that enable users to get extra mileage out of it, most specifically the ability to download individual snaps and full stories. Here are four ways to make your content marketing strategy Snapchat-inclusive:

Drive Followers to Content on Other Platforms

Use Snapchat to announce new content your viewers can access on other platforms, like a new podcast episode, an upcoming webinar or your latest YouTube video.

Lifestyle blogger Ian Michael Crumm not only shares new content posted to his blog, but also shares teasers of content coming to, the style/travel platform he cofounded.

Ian Michael Crumm

Lewis Howes often uses Snapchat to preview episodes of his podcast, The School of Greatness, and to remind listeners that there are new episodes live on iTunes, SoundCloud and his website. When previewing episodes, he’ll shoot video or snap pictures of his podcast guests, like Rainn Wilson, so you can keep an eye out for what’s coming soon. When there’s a new episode, he’ll usually take a picture of the post on his website, and type in the link, which he keeps short so it’s easy for followers to remember and type into their browsers.

Rainn Wilson

Sample Your Snapchat Content on Other Platforms

Download your stories (or pieces of your stories) and upload them to other platforms like YouTube, your blog, your Facebook page, etc.

Alex Beadon, branding and marketing expert, uploads full Snapchat stories to her YouTube channel.

Use Snapchat to Gather Content for Other Platforms

Use a picture or a video to call for your followers’ questions which you’ll answer in a video posted to your YouTube channel. Fashion blogger Mimi Ikonn did a great job of this recently. Here’s the finished product:

Meanwhile male model Brock O’Hurn, has used his Snapchat to encourage followers to suggest what he posts next to Instagram. The call-to-action: “Comment on my last IG post and tell me what you want to see.”


Add Snapchat Photos or Stories to your YouTube Outro

You can get new followers by encouraging your followers on other platforms to find you on Snapchat. A great way to do so that’s currently underused: add pictures or videos from your Snapchat (licking dog face, anyone?) to your outro on your YouTube videos and the call-to-action, “Follow us @Snaphandle.”

Get this stuff right and your Snapchat content will last far longer than 24 hours.