Brands have always been known to collaborate with influential personalities to expand the reach of their products and services, but these days, “influencers” are much more than traditional celebrities. They’re YouTube sensations, Vine megastars, Twitter powerhouses and Snapchat superstars.

Now is the time to discover users in your industry with big followings, and partner with them to produce great content that’ll promote your business to your targeted demographic. That’s especially true on Snapchat. Top brands like McDonald’s, Groupon, Sour Patch Kids, Taco Bell and the NBA already get it, and have also developed digital marketing strategies around Snapchat influencers.

Here are four great examples of how you can tap into influencers to fuel your Snapchat strategy:

1. Push traffic to your website

One of Snapchat’s top influencers is music mogul DJ Khaled who has more than 2 million followers tuning in daily for his motivational “keys to success.” He monetized his following by creating his own “We the Best” merchandise and partnering with brands like Apple and Beats Radio.

DJ Khaled Snapchat Apple Music

Since Snapchat content only lasts for 24 hours, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is to have the influencer write out your company’s name or website URL in the text field. We’ve seen this done countless times on Khaled’s Snapchat, whether he’s promoting Apple, Ciroc or his own brand.

2. Take the audience behind the curtain

With Snapchat, you can provide behind-the-scenes content to your community, which helps engage and generate a strong following. The audience should think of you as their friend and someone who shares important details with them.

Partner with influencers and give your audience full access to special events. This allows you to show fans a different side of your business, and it’s a welcome break from the stock images curated and photographed for your website. Influencers bring their fan bases into the experience, which ultimately leads to more brand awareness and sales.

Lebron James Snapchat McDonalds

McDonald’s snapped exclusive content of NBA superstar LeBron James and other behind-the-scenes commercial footage with athletes like Richard Sherman from the NFL. Using Snapchat gives fans a unique look at their favorite celebs, and it’s a simple way to add value to a company’s social presence.

3. Create engaging stories

Let’s stir up some excitement for your brand. Ask an influencer to do a Snapchat takeover to highlight their adventures in a more creative and innovative way. This allows you to show your audience what’s special about your brand — as seen from a different set of eyes.

Walt Disney World hired influencer Mike Platco to build excitement and awareness through his personal account, which draws approximately 120,000 views per snap. Mike is a talented storyteller and artist who leveraged his skills to drive followers to Walt Disney World’s account. Mike soon did a Snapchat takeover and snapped his way around the entire theme park.

Mike Platco Disney World Snapchat

4. Demonstrate your product with tips and tricks

Partner with influencers to show fans tips and tricks for using your product or service. This helps educate your audience. With Snapchat, the tips are only shown in 10-second increments, but the quick content makes them more intriguing.

Clinique and Sephora partnered with the well-known fitness and beauty personality Hannah Bronfman for a co-branded campaign to drive both sales and awareness. On Sephora’s Snapchat account, she shared lots of photos using Clinique products. Beauty brands and Snapchat influencers are a perfect fit. These types of influencers are known to provide excellent tips and tools to educate their followers on how to be glam and beautiful.

snapchat101_blog_image05Influencers on Snapchat are showing us the shift in how millennial and Gen Z consumers digest content. Content is now more mobile friendly and structured around our fast-paced lifestyle. People no longer take traditional advertising at face value. They want to trust businesses and the influencers they hire.

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