Pinterest is a potential goldmine for brands. Whether the 175 million active Pinterest users are gathering inspiration for their new living room, dinner with friends, or fresh fall outfits, they’re highly motivated to do one thing: buy.

As your brand prepares for Q4 and the busy holiday season, how can you drive shopping on Pinterest? To answer that question, Curalate and Pinterest partnered on a webinar titled Drive Shopping on Pinterest With Curalate. Speaking on the webinar were Sherene Hilal, Vice President of Product Management at Curalate and Tiffany Black, Head of Content Business Development and Corporate Development at Pinterest. Here’s a recap. (Want to see a video of the webinar? Click here.)

Harnessing the Visual Discovery Engine

It’s happened to all of us — you’re thumbing through a feed on your phone and you stumble upon something that you never knew existed but knew you needed in your life. That’s discovery. Discovery is a break from the mundane. It’s an invitation to new possibilities.

Everyday, millions of people discover products they love on Pinterest. Since most of us aren’t stylists or interior designers, the treasure trove of lifestyle content on Pinterest helps us envision how products relate to each other. It’s the difference between seeing clothes on a mannequin vs. having to piece an outfit together yourself.

When shopping in a store, the beautifully merchandised layouts and displays help you find products you never knew existed. This doesn’t translate to e-commerce, which has been optimized for search and tends to lead users to sterile product pages with little design and inspiration. As customers discover compelling content in platforms like Pinterest, they can be left wondering where and how to find the products displayed in the amazing editorial and user-generated content. The entire process leads to frustrated consumers.

E-commerce is great when you know what you want, but it’s terrible for exploring. So we partnered with Pinterest, the best idea and discovery engine in the world, to better connect inspiration to action.

Love it in a Pin? Then “Shop the Look”

Last year, Pinterest and Curalate launched Shop the Look which solves one of the top user questions — “I love what I’m seeing in that Pin, but how do I get it?” Through Curalate, brands and retailers can seamlessly distribute Shop The Look Pins to Pinterest’s audience of 175 million monthly users, without having to make any modification to their website.

With Shop the Look, you can track down and even buy products you see inside fashion and home decor Pins. Just tap the circle on each item to find the styles you’re looking for. You can even see what other people have paired it with for more ideas on how to wear it.

When you’re ready to buy, you can check out right on Pinterest, or get items directly from your favorite brands.

The result is an incredible journey from discovery to purchase. And the results speak for themselves. Since launching Shop the Look, we’ve seen merchants double their click-through traffic and some have even increased impressions of their content on Pinterest by over 1,000%.

What’s better than likes? Love. Check out our guide: 35 Ways to Turn User-Generated Content Into Real Revenue to tap into a goldmine of inspiring imagery on social.

Turn Pins Into Online Storefronts

How do you use Pinterest and Curalate to introduce people to new products based on the content they’re clicking on? Curalate Showroom. It’s the latest edition to the Curalate platform and lets you turn any image or video into an online pop-up shop. Showroom has three key pieces:

  • A hero image based on the original piece of media someone clicked on — which maintains a beautiful customer experience.
  • A product carousel that includes all the products tagged in the post for easy navigation.
  • A discovery module to introduce people to products they never knew existed as well as more lifestyle content to maintain inspiration while shopping.

Check out this Showroom from Raymour & Flanigan. It immediately unlocks the contents of the content and displays all the products in the posted video. It also automatically introduces relevant recommendations to help your consumers find more products they’ll love. Showroom works across any type of content, and on any media channel.


It’s as close as you can get to walking through a Raymour & Flanigan store. There are nearly 100 brands using Showroom today, and 80% of the clicks in the Showroom are on products and content that aren’t explicitly tagged in the posted media. This means your content is doing a great job and getting people to take notice — and Showroom is doing a great job of getting people to click on products they never knew existed.

Showroom is designed around discovery and traffic quality. With Showroom consumers explore more products, bounce less and engage longer — without any need to involve your IT department. Your customers can see:

  • 60x more of your products as they scroll through a Showroom
  • 53% reductions in bounce rate on your website
  • A 6x lift in engagement.

These results will decrease your customer acquisition costs, increase engagement and introduce your customers to their next great find.

Trending Galleries

So you’ve successfully sent people from Pinterest to your website, but how can you maintain context to keep them inspired to buy? Curalate can harness the power of trends on Pinterest to bring carousels and galleries to your website to showcase relevant products. Check out this example from Cost Plus World Market, which dedicated a section of their website to what’s trending using Pinterest data to showcase hot products.

Trending carousels and galleries offer your customers “social proof” to create a context-aware experience upon clickthrough from Pinterest or to create a more relevant site no matter where your customer is coming from. How? By tapping into the most recent behavior of people on your website. This enables you to uncover more of your product catalogue and trending can be set-up quickly directly on your website or as a separate landing page created by Curalate.

Intuitively. Instantaneously. Automatically.

We know connecting with consumers is hard. So when your content prompts people to take a second look, you’ve only got seconds to make the most of the opportunity. That’s where we come in. With Pinterest and Curalate, images and videos come to life, showcasing a whole universe of products that your customers never knew you sold and making it easy to find the products they’ll love. Intuitively. Instantaneously. Automatically.

Want to implement Curalate to drive shopping on Pinterest? Contact us to get started.