Hello! I’m Mattie, Manager of Client Solutions at Curalate.

Three years ago when we launched Like2Buy, it was a completely new concept. Shoppable Instagram? Why would anyone want to do that? As it turns out, hundreds of thousands of people daily thought it was a great idea — and it was our first step in launching a discovery-driven commerce platform that’s turning inspiration into action all over the web.

Being best in class, we’ve refined and developed our six favorite, go-to best practices to drive awareness around your shoppable Instagram gallery and jump-start engagement with your images.

Tip 1: Make a Splash

shoppable instagram announcement

As with any digital initiative, you need to let your existing community know that something great is coming. To drum up excitement, devote an Instagram post with a splashy announcement. House of Marley and Jansport made announcements that are fun, visible and get the point across quickly even for those followers who never read comments.

Worried about adding a graphical overlay to your Instagram images? Try it! A study of the top 1% of Instagram images conducted by Curalate found that one in every five posts features text overlay to illuminate a trend or communicate an offer. In other words, when used wisely, a few carefully chosen words can be highly effective.

Tip 2. Send an Email Blast

shoppable instagram email announcement

Another way to drive excitement around your shoppable Instagram gallery is to send an email to your existing clientele. Check out this example from Dermalogica. Not only did they share the news (“Our Instagram is Now Shoppable”), but they also took advantage of this prime real estate to show their fans a short visual tutorial of how to get started. This is also a great way to promote your Instagram feed for people who may receive your emails but don’t yet follow you on Instagram.

Tip 3. Include a Call-to-Action

Seriously. Of all these suggestions, this one is by far the most important. Why? Because no one will remember your feed is shoppable if you don’t prompt them to shop your feed. Consumers respond to straight-forward commands. Tell them what to do, and they’ll be more likely to do it.

CTAs also allow you to set the expectation for which products are available when engaging with a particular image (for example: “click the link in our profile to shop all our chairs” vs. “click the link in our profile to shop this chair”). This is especially important if that chair happens to be out of stock; to continue the conversation with a consumer that has elected to engage with your image, you can link to all your chairs instead, as long as you set that expectation with an accurate CTA.

Each of the brands above, including West Elm, Suja Juice and Farfetch, are using clear, concise, brand appropriate CTAs. Take a look for inspiration.

Tip 4. Link to Everywhere

Instagram isn’t just about products; it’s about people, places, and passions. In short, don’t feel like you need to link to your products in every picture! Make it fun, and add variety. Link to your blog, your store locator, your Pinterest boards, your new office puppy’s Instagram account. Have a post that features a recipe, a product or a special in-store event? Link to all three landing pages using multiproduct tagging.

Chobani leveraged Curalate to drive awareness around their UGC promotion, #basicandproud.

make instagram shoppable

Marriott Rewards leverages Curalate to link their Instagram imagery to blog posts, exclusive deals or sign ups for Marriott Rewards membership.

Tip 5. No Image Left Behind

Even if the primary goal of an image isn’t to drive traffic, link it. Why? Because once your fans discover your shoppable Instagram gallery, they will end up browsing and clicking out multiple times on different images. The big difference is you don’t need to include explicit CTAs for these images – because that’s not the objective. But by including it within your shoppable gallery anyway, and linking to, say, your homepage or Pinterest account, your fans will have more content to engage with.

Tip 6: Customize and personalize!

We’re all about customization at Curalate so this last tip is specific to Curalate’s Like2Buy features. Check out these examples of brands who enabled email capture, added customized banners and pinned images to the top of the Like2Buy page to create category navigation. And… even some magic Curalate dust that you don’t see, like the fact that all our Like2Buy pages are cookied and we can create Lookalike Audiences for ultra specific targeting.

Curalate helps more than 800 of the world’s leading brands sell online more effectively. How? By creating compelling commerce experiences that adapt to how consumers discover products. On average, our clients achieve:

  • 79% increases in time-on-site.
  • 16% jumps in average order value.
  • 31% increases in conversion rate.

What can Curalate do for your business? Contact us to find out.