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Reebok Taps Curalate for Shoppable Lifestyle Content

A shoppable image featured on the Reebok UK Instagram page.

A shoppable image featured on the Reebok UK Instagram page.

As one of the world’s leading athletic brands, Reebok has a long history of inspiring potential consumers. Recently, the brand has seen a dramatic shift in how consumers discover products online. The visual content they’re sharing on social has become the jumping off point for the consumer journey — so they decided to connect online product discovery with places of purchase.

They started the push with the Reebok UK Instagram page, which has nearly 37,000 followers and a strong focus on the brand’s line of Crossfit apparel. Rather than sharing boring product shots, the page focuses on images of athletes exercising. A boxer hitting the speed bag. A weightlifter powering through a rep. An athlete doing a handstand. Not only is the visual content authentic, it shows off Reebok’s sneakers and athletic wear in action — on real people.

Reebok partnered with Curalate to make its visual content on Instagram shoppable. See a woman lifting weights? Click the image to buy the yoga pants, tank top or sneakers she’s wearing in the photo.

“Our brand digital focus is to be relevant to existing and future customers, as a large part of our audience is active on social media,” said Mark Allin, Senior Digital Manager at Reebok. “Reebok’s online content celebrates fitness communities. We’ll feature our products in content captured during genuine workouts, rather than simply product shots. This way people are clear as to what our position is in fitness, and can then explore options to purchase. This approach provides a clearer and more consistent message to the user, one considered journey.”

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Along with shoppable visual content, Curalate is providing detailed analytics to Reebok which will help them determine which imagery performs best and help drive the brand’s social and e-commerce strategies going forward.

“It’s helping us create a clearer picture of what Reebok’s ideal consumer journey is, while our e-commerce team will benefit directly from the brand work that’s taking place,” said Allin.

Apu Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Curalate, said: “Reebok is creating a thoughtful shopping experience centered on discovery. Consumers are increasingly finding products through the images and videos that brands post to their social media channels. Curalate makes it easier for those consumers to explore, and ultimately buy the products they stumble upon as they scroll.”

The program got the attention of a number of news outlets in the UK. Here are links to the articles:

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