Whether you’re looking for tips on how to transform your living room into a jungle oasis or seeking decor to actively add to your home, Domino has you covered. On Instagram, the brand—both a lifestyle publisher and an e-commerce platform—has grown their community to more than 600k followers. The channel now serves as a jumping-off point from beautiful imagery to products and content.

To drive consumers from images to their website by way of a shoppable Instagram feed, Domino leverages Curalate. Only about 10% of the brand’s Instagram posts are actually dedicated to commerce, but the added exposure on a critical consumer touchpoint has resulted in a conversion rate that’s 120% higher than the brand’s cumulative average across channels.

In the following Q&A, Shani Silver, Director of Digital Content at Domino, provides insight on how to turn Instagram into a valuable driver of discovery and revenue.


1. What role does Instagram play in your digital content strategy?

One of the best ways we can support our content is via Instagram. Email newsletters are of course another major asset, but being such a visual brand, Instagram is the perfect place for us to offer a little window into new content, prompting followers to come to domino.com or our app for the full story.


2. What’s been the key to growing your Instagram community?


Consistently engaging photos. Quality photos with amazing style are why people love our Instagram.

3. How do you measure the impact of Instagram content?


Obviously we want people engaging with us by liking or commenting, but we also want to know how much traffic each image is driving back to our site.

4. How has the integration of Like2Buy changed your digital content strategy?

We certainly keep an eye out for potential Instagram-ready shots when styling photoshoots, etc.

5. Describe your editorial mix. What has been most effective in driving awareness around your Like2Buy gallery?

domino_Instagram_post_01I like to maintain a mix of posts that ask followers for a bio link click (see below), together with #regrams or other images that are there purely for visual enjoyment.

6. Are there any stylistic elements your audience gravitates to?


7. Have you learned anything about the consumers who visit your site via Like2Buy?

They have great taste. 😉

8. If you had to give three quick pieces of advice to marketers who are looking to maximize the impact of their digital strategy, they’d be …

  1. Be consistent.
  2. Focus on high quality images that tell a story.
  3. Listen to what your followers want – then give that to them!