Shopify has perfected e-commerce site management, especially for small businesses. They make displaying and selling products in a beautiful, branded digital property a simple task. There’s nothing to install, no servers to spin up and no messy code required to get started. But then the real work begins — since a website means nothing without visitors. And getting visitors to your site — or optimizing for social commerce — is no simple feat.

Curalate and Shopify have recently announced a partnership that will help small businesses implement social commerce strategies, drive quality traffic to their sites and grow revenue. In a webinar titled Shopify + Curalate: Add Social to Your Commerce Strategy, I explained how Curalate and Shopify work together. Download the recording here. Read on for a recap.

Where are your customers?

The first step to acquiring traffic to your site is finding your customers. Where are your customers hanging out and how can you get them to follow you to your site? The first place you might want to look is social media. The average American spends about two hours per day on social networks, and that figure continues to rise. Sure, people are interacting with friends on social, but they’re also interacting with brands. In fact, 76% of online shoppers have bought a product they’ve seen in a brand’s social media post, according to Curalate research. That social commerce spells huge opportunity for brands. But something is going wrong — all that time and effort spent creating compelling social content isn’t translating into revenue for brands. Most brands find bounce rates are high and conversion rates are low for traffic referring from social.

Why isn’t social selling?

With all that time and purchase intent, you would think brands would crush the social commerce game. But often times, brands optimize for search and conversion rather than discovery. Products are shown against a white background, ordered by category, and presented with all the information needed for the informed consumer to make a wise purchase decision.

Customers coming from social to an e-commerce site are presented with a jarring change in experience that leads to frustration. Browsers were ready to be inspired and delighted with interesting content, but inspiration evaporated to make way for information. What do those frustrated browsers do? They bounce from the site and abandon their purchases.

How can you prevent this? You want to build an emotional connection with your customers and expose them to more of your brand, but you also want to make it easy for them to feel comfortable purchasing wherever they encounter your brand. Bringing together emotional connection and commerce in front of your consumers is a tough problem. Most brands simply don’t know how to approach it.

Connecting the experience

To solve the disconnect in experience, brands are starting to blur the line between marketing channel and e-commerce site — making it easy for customers to discover and purchase wherever customers spend time. These brands are making marketing channels “shoppable” and infusing the media from their marketing channels into their site experiences, right down to the point of conversion.

That’s where Curalate and Shopify come in. Brands put a lot of time and care into ensuring their Shopify sites make purchasing simple and seamless. Curalate fixes the other half of the problem — getting customers to come to your site and accelerating their desire to purchase. Curalate seamlessly connects your product data to your visual media, so that every piece of media surrounding your brand can become a storefront. With that media distributed via Curalate’s touchpoints, your visitors no longer have to stumble onto your site to find their products — they’re connected to your products on every marketing channel.

Once your media is connected to products, Curalate has several touchpoints that help you make all your marketing channels and media into online storefronts. Here are a few examples:

What is it? Like2Buy is the best-in-class shoppable Instagram solution – connecting your Instagram content to the products inside them. By transforming the link in your Instagram bio, Like2Buy enables customers to buy the products featured in your feed.

Why does it matter? It leads to increased traffic from Instagram, and increases discovery of your products. We find that most customers click through from Like2Buy to a brand’s site multiple times in one session.

How do I use it? Just put your brand’s unique Like2Buy URL in your Instagram bio, tag products in the pieces of media you want to publish to Instagram — then publish. Done!

What is it? Showroom is a link to a feed of shoppable media and relevant products, helping your customers discover their next great find. Place Showroom anywhere you can put a link. Most brands put Showroom links in Facebook posts and email newsletters. Shopify brands can even use them in Shopify’s recently releasing shoppable QR codes, called Shopcodes!

Why does it matter? Showroom cuts bounce rates in half, because it solves for the disconnect between the browsing experience of social and the conversion experience of e-commerce sites. Customers also view 60x more products through Showroom than if they went straight to your site.

How do I use it? Just tag products in a piece of media in Curalate to generate a Showroom link. Paste that link in a social post, email or anywhere you want visitors to find your Showroom. You’re done! No work from IT needed.

What is it? Fanreel is a lightweight plugin across your site that brings all the inspiring social content you, your fans, your partners, and your influencers are creating onto your website to help inspire purchases. Plus all the content is shoppable, so consumers can buy right at the moment of inspiration.

Why does it matter? When Fanreel is implemented, brands see increases in average order value of up to 16% and conversion rate of up to 31%.

How do I use it?  With our Shopify integration, it’s simple — our guide walks through inserting a few templated pieces of code into your Shopify store pages to make Fanreel a reality.

Those touchpoints help turn browsers into buyers, but we know it’s a tough task just to get in touch with those consumers in the first place. That’s why Curalate also provides several solutions to help you get the word out. Here are a few ways we help:

Influencers: Using our Explore solution, brands can find and work with influencers and access their powerful audiences.

Social Optimization: With Insights, brands can continuously update their content strategy using data on how individual pieces of media perform against brand goals.

Scheduling: Post more, faster using our scheduling tools for Instagram and Pinterest. As an Instagram Partner, we have access to develop on the newest Instagram innovations, including Stories and Carousel posts.

With Curalate’s solutions, you get more reach and conversion for your brand with less time by bridging the gap from first touch, to loyal follower, to happy customer.

Why should you start today

Curalate’s integration with Shopify means you can make this a reality literally today. To get set up with all of Curalate’s touchpoints and functionalities, all you’ll need to do is follow our simple guide which walks you and your site admin through each step of the integration process. No app from Shopify is needed. Curalate actually doesn’t have one on the Shopify app store! When you’re finished, you’ll have the the ability to sell your brand everywhere customers find it. That ability is critical today, since over 700 new Shopify merchants are created every day — so if you aren’t reaching your customers, your competitors are. Engaging with your customers today means bringing your brand and products to all the channels they’re on — Curalate ensures you can.

Want to learn more? Watch the full webinar Shopify + Curalate: Add Social to Your Commerce Strategy here.

Curalate helps more than 850 of the world’s leading brands sell online more effectively by creating compelling commerce experiences that adapt to how consumers discover products. On average, our clients achieve: 79% increases in time-on-site, 16% jumps in average order value and 31% increases in conversion rate.

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