Stores still matter. Don’t believe me? Consider these stats:

Why? Stores are great at driving discovery. Take a furniture store for example. Walk the aisles and you’ll come across vases, blankets and pillows — products you never thought you wanted when you walked into the store in the first place. In a store, it’s easy to discover new products because everything has been curated by a thoughtful interior designer, who put the sofa, pillows, rug and table together intentionally.

Want to virtually walk through a West Elm store? Explore the Curalate Revolve experience below:


It’s difficult to mimic this experience online. Home decor brands certainly share compelling images to Instagram or Facebook. But nobody browses through Instagram and says “I wanna go shopping today.” They have 10 minutes to kill and they’re looking to have some fun and hopefully be inspired.

If an online consumer is inspired to recreate the living room set they saw in store or on social, they’ll be forced to go on a wild goose chase to find the products. They’d have to hunt through hundreds of different product pages to find the right merchandise — and they likely don’t have the interior design knowledge to put it all together. On an e-commerce site, they’re not met with the same compelling imagery they found at the point of discovery. That gorgeous photo that inspired them to click in the first place? Chances are that’s nowhere to be found.

The entire process leads to frustrated consumers. E-commerce is great when you know what you want, but it’s terrible for exploring. That’s why cart sizes are typically larger in-store than online.

What if you could recreate that in-store discovery experience (and the large orders that come with it) online? We’ve been tackling the discovery problem for years, and think our latest commerce experience is a major step forward.

Introducing Curalate Revolve

Our team jumped into action and built Revolve. It allows people to browse and discover your products within a 360-degree photo — mimicking the in-store experience. The lighting is just right. The products are placed together with intention. With Revolve, consumers can click, spin and essentially walk through a virtual store selecting products they’d like to learn more about — and potentially buy.

It’s basically like having infinite storefronts, meaning brands are no longer confined by geography, physical space and a limited amount of in-store inventory.

It’s all about discovery. By bringing in-store discovery experiences online, brands are able to “open” their store to millions of new customers in a way that’s never been done before. Facebook and Google Street View have already gotten people used to 360 imagery, and they’re spending 9x more time with 360 content than with traditional content. If you’re a retailer in the business of trying to get people to engage with your brand, that increased browsing time can translate directly to sales.

We don’t just deliver people to the product page, we make the product page smarter. Every other product in the 360 scene travels with it to the product page — allowing a consumer to easily complete the entire look.

While Revolve is like a physical store in that consumers can browse and shop products, it’s also very different. It’s portable and can be easily embedded onto an e-commerce site, mobile site, blog or social media post. It’s also easy to share with publishing partners and influencers.

Revolve is part of Curalate’s discovery driven platform that makes commerce frictionless, everywhere. By creating a compelling commerce experience that adapts to how your consumer discovers your products, we enable a seamless transition between offsite discovery and onsite conversion. The result? Greater order values, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

Want to learn more about how Revolve can help your business? Sign up for a demo here.