Here at Curalate, we’re counting down the days until the Democratic National Convention in our hometown of Philadelphia. We’re proud and honored to help the DNC Committee engage with voters in a totally new way — through visual content.

How will it work? How will it change political conventions and political engagement in the future? Why is now the perfect time to use intelligent imagery to tell stories? Curalate CEO Apu Gupta and Democratic National Convention Chief Innovation Officer Andrew Binns explain it all in this bylined article that appeared in Recode this morning. Here are some highlights.

The problem:

Campaigns still largely use social media like they use television — by talking to the voters rather than with them.

Follow the money:

In the 2012 election cycle, political campaigns spent $159 million on digital media. In 2016, that figure is expected to top $1 billion.

How Curalate Will Help the DNC:

The convention will take the images captured by attendees and connect those images to other relevant information that supporters may be on the lookout for. Layering in this information and making all of these images “intelligent” will transform each image into an opportunity to engage supporters beyond the convention hall and lead them to information and action like never before.

The results:

By taking full advantage of technology partners like Curalate, the convention will reach more people with more compelling, relevant content, and will transform a fleeting moment of discovery — when a person sees an image — into an opportunity, offering them more information and engaging them, welcoming them to join the whole country in the biggest conversation of the year.

Read the full article here.

Want to see how Curalate’s technology will work with DNC content? Check out the official Instagram page for the Democratic National Convention and you’ll see a layout that looks like this:

The 2106 Democratic National Convention Instagram page

Say you notice the beautiful black-and-white image in the top left-hand corner — and wanted to learn more. With Curalate’s Like2Buy solution, users can click on the photo to reveal information about the particular speech as well as information on the overall Democratic platform. See below:


The DNC Convention partnership was announced during a July 11 press conference at Curalate HQ. At the event, Mayor Jim Kenney of Philadelphia said that visuals will dominate the convention — and it’s smart of the Democrats to capitalize on it:

“Partnering with Curalate was a great decision by the host committee and convention officials,” said Kenney. “Curalate’s platform will allow those who could not make the trip a chance to see what’s going on in Philadelphia — inside and outside the Wells Fargo Center.”

Meanwhile Gupta said the Curalate platform “will give voice to the more than 50,000 people who descend upon Philadelphia for the convention and will give those voices the opportunity to tell those stories to millions of people around the world.”