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Who are we looking for?

We’re hiring generalists. All of our designers are owners who take an idea from inception all the way through to implementation. This includes: research, scoping, planning, discovery, prototyping, testing, visual design, implementation and back again. It’s challenging, fulfilling and equally empowering. It’ll help you stretch every design muscle you have.

You’ll balance quality with efficiency, while managing expectations.

Last year’s product development jamboree in Seattle.

What’s the team structure right now?

We’re a small team of five!

We pair with product managers and engineering owners to build product across three offices. At a high level, we set OKRs and hold retrospectives to make sure we’re hitting our goals while learning from our iterative process.

Design has a seat at the table. We meet weekly with our founders and business partners to share our ideas and work, help align objectives and get their feedback. It’s important that our teams work autonomously. We believe every designer should approach their work with an entrepreneurial mindset.

To support and learn from each other, we meet twice a week to discuss organizational objectives and hold design critiques  —  we call it a Show & Yell. With great folks in Seattle, New York, and Philadelphia, communication, transparency and flexibility are held in high regard. But, laughter is held even higher.

Unison :  Our evolving pattern library.

What kinds of projects would I be working on?

There are currently three high-level areas of focus across 7+ teams. We have three designers working on our client experience, while two are focused on building engaging consumer experiences. Everyone contributes organizationally  —  your voice matters.


  • You’ll play a key role in the design system strategy and its tactical implementation. This is an ever-evolving project and we’re looking for someone who has great experience to share.
  • You’ll be part of a core team who will do all the research, design and implementation. You’ll help decide what our products and services will look and behave like.
  • You’ll evolve our overall design processes and values.

Client Experience

  • You’ll empower our users to efficiently traverse our platform journey. Providing marketers with tools to help consumers discover their next purchase, growing revenue at scale.
  • You’ll provide clear insights to validate the ROI from experiences built within the platform.

Consumer Experience

  • The way we shape our desires for products and services — and how we ultimately buy them — is changing rapidly because of advances in connected devices, visual social media and artificial intelligence. These moments of discovery are proliferating and changing faster than we’ve seen before. What’s not changing is that personal expression and shopping are intimately related. Connecting the two through authenticity is key to powering discovery. How can you help consumers find what they didn’t know they wanted?
  • Devices and bandwidth create many more opportunities, and the accessibility to those devices is rapidly growing. You’ll create the experiences that connect these moments of discovery to paths to purchase where consumers engage online.

New areas pop up as the product evolves. We’re a startup. Depending on where your passion lies, you will have a say in the area you’d fit best. We do hope you bring your ideas as well.

What’s the hiring process like?

When you apply, the design team reviews every portfolio and resume that comes through. We’d love to see two to three projects you’ve worked on in the past, from conception to launch. The finished product is great, but we look to you tell the entire story on how you got there, your role and the results.

Our interview loop looks like this:

☎️ Initial screen with our People Team
Casual high-level view of who you are and what to expect.

? Designer 1 (High level)
Tell your story. What’s your career path been like so far? Where are you headed? Walk through a project in your portfolio that you think best represents your abilities. This interview focuses on collaboration, communication and the areas where you’re looking to grow.

? Designer 2 (Portfolio Review)
A more in-depth review of your portfolio. What problem were you trying to solve? What was your role in it? How did you test and learn? How did you solve conflicts among stakeholders?

? Product Manager & ? Development Lead
It’s important that we understand how you work with product managers and engineers. What approach do you take to sifting through the data you collect? What does the design/development hand-off look like to you? Collaboration is emphasized, as you’ll partner with these roles to build successful products.

?? VP of Product

? Founder

We break these interview sessions up over a couple days. Oh, and we don’t do those group exercises or random white-boarding tests that nightmares are made of. Nobody needs five-hour interview loops. ?

That’s it!

If the above interests you but you aren’t sure if you would be a good fit, feel free to ask me any questions via Twitter. Slide into my DMs. ?

Interested? Apply!
? Product Designer, Seattle | Apply
? Product Designer, NYC | Apply
? Product Designer, Philadelphia |Not yet, but let’s chat. Email me

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