Everyday, as we pick up our phones, scroll past posts and dive deep into internet rabbit holes, we stumble upon things that make our thumbs stop. Things that make us take notice, that inspire, that create wonder, that instill desire, that drive joy. That’s discovery.

Discovery happens in numerous ways – from chance encounters wherever you happen to be browsing to algorithms that bubble up products and brands to you in ways that feel serendipitous. But no matter how it happens, the content that drives this discovery is increasingly visual. And the nature of that visual content is changing.

With a camera in everyone’s pocket, we’re inundated with in-the-moment photos everywhere we congregate online. As we experience more and more of this lifestyle content, we come to expect content that looks more and more like life. And this type of content isn’t just compelling, it’s helpful. Since most of us aren’t stylists or interior designers, lifestyle content helps us envision how products relate to each other. It’s the difference between seeing clothes on a mannequin and having to piece together an outfit yourself.

So, it’s no surprise that brands are creating tons of lifestyle content and leveraging content created by influencers and consumers as well. As a result, it’s easier to discover products than ever before, but it’s what happens next that can be a problem. Inspiration to buy now originates in so many new places that weren’t originally built for commerce, so that moment of discovery is often ruined by the poor commerce experience that follows. In other words, it’s really easy to go from “What’s that?” to “WTF!”

That’s why today’s Shop the Look announcement from Pinterest is a major step forward in creating a frictionless shopping experience and connecting inspiration to action. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Pinterest to help power this new discovery and shopping experience, and excited that Curalate clients CB2, Macy’s, Target, & Wayfair are amongst the first forward-looking brands to participate in Shop the Look.

With this partnership, brands will be able to use the Curalate Adaptive Commerce platform to:

  • Commerce-enable visual content by connecting pictures to the products contained within them.
  • Seamlessly distribute this commerce-enabled content to Pinterest’s audience of hundreds of millions of users.
  • Create a compelling click-through experience from Pinterest to the brand without having to make modifications to the brand’s e-commerce environment.

With Shop the Look, brands will be able to extend the life of their lifestyle content, enable their content to reach a wider audience, and intuitively drive commerce. The result is a frictionless, more enjoyable journey from discovery to purchase which equals happier customers for our brands.

At Curalate, we’re building the future of commerce. Participating in Shop the Look demonstrates our commitment to bring commerce to consumers wherever they are and to make every commerce experience powerful.

To find out more about how Curalate is partnering with Pinterest to connect inspiration to action, click here. To experience Shop the Look for yourself, click here.