Over the coming weeks, Pinterest users will see “Activity” tabs replaced with “News” tabs on their web-based profile pages. Even though the Activity tab showed you who was repinning your images, we’re excited about the new information Pinterest wants to make available with the Activity tab. Once your account gets upgraded, you’ll also see content from your News tab show up down the left side of your home page. It’s a great way to go beyond raw Pinterest statistics to discover more about the people who love your pins. This feature can help casual Pinterest users explore the network for kindred spirits. After all, we can predict that someone who repins our stuff will probably like many of the same things. However, we think that professional marketers and brand managers on Pinterest will use the News tab to meet three kinds of people:


1. Customers

Imagine getting to know some of your best customers by name, just because they chose to add many of your pins to their boards. When combined with Curalate’s best-in-breed Pinterest analytics platform, you can start to put repin statistics into context. See who else your fans are pinning, and get a sense of where you stand among your competitors.

2. Influencers

Contextual clues can also help you discover whether your image’s repin lands on a popular boards managed by a bona fide tastemaker. Explore their boards to see how yor image fits into their world view, and why they think their board’s followers need to see your pin.

3. Prospects

Even though you won’t see “secret repins” reflected in your Pinterest news feed, you can still see how your images and products stack up on users’ public wish lists. Use this new spotlight on boards to better understand how your prospective buyers make their purchasing decisions.
When Pinterest fully implements the News tab, you’ll still be able to receive notifications about likes and new followers via e-mail. You’ll see your board invitations in your News feed, but you’ll mostly see pins from people with whom you (or your brand) may want to connect. Use the comment section below to tell us how you intend to use the News tab, or what new boards you’ve explored thanks to this new social media discovery tool.