Whether people use it to find a new hairstyle, discover new recipes or plan every detail of their wedding, Pinterest is changing discovery as we know it. But it’s not just for personal use. With more than 100 million active users — including big brands like Sephora, Buzzfeed and Nordstrom — Pinterest is a smart place for any business to increase the size of their digital footprint, make their products more discoverable, and connecting with an entire generation of consumers who prefer to search for stuff using pictures instead of words.

With Pinterest, businesses can reach customers when they’re most engaged and ready to buy. Lots of businesses have seen a significant amount of referral traffic and sales come from their Pinterest fans. In fact, Pinterest users spend more money on average than Facebook or Twitter users.

Pinning is easy. The strategy is up to you. Below are a few tips to get you started:

1. Show off your top pins

Nordstrom Top Pins

Top pins can help you find trending items to buy and sell, and guide you on how to market and engage socially. Checking your Pinterest analytics regularly will help you gauge customer favorites and think about the type of pins you’re posting.

Nordstrom’s 4.5 million followers probably have something to say about what’s trending. Known for their killer customer service, it’s no surprise Nordstrom pays close attention to what customers are pinning. They look at their top pins daily, using them to guide email campaigns, shape buying decisions and regularly showcase top-pinned items in stores.

2. Invite pinners to collaborate

Sephora Makeup of the Day

Let people who love your brand get involved. Utilizing user-generated content can give brands a big boost. You can create group boards and invite pinners to like and comment on your pins.

You can start by adding the Follow button on your website or in your emails so it’s easy for people to repin your content. It’s also helpful to follow other pinners’ boards and comment on pins that relate to your brand.

Sephora’s board Makeup of the Day invites fans to post for the chance to be featured. Its fans feel appreciated and get a chance to see Sephora’s products used in real life.

Sephora says its Pinterest fans spend about 15 times more money than Facebook fans.

Gap’s board Styld.by You calls attention to its product by involving influencers in the industry, a great way to grow your following. The campaign lets fashion bloggers show off how they mix Gap pieces into their daily fashion.

Gap styld.by You

3. Use rich pins

Whether your customer is booking a hotel or craving some cookie dough, a few extra details can help guide them to take action. Rich pins let you add details to your pins like real-time pricing, recipes, or maps — all within the pin’s description. And your details and brand will stay as it’s re-pinned.

There are 6 types: Place (address and map), Movie (reviews and ratings), Product (pricing and availability), Article (headline and author), Recipe (cook times and ingredients), and App (install button).

Buzzfeed is known for headlines you can’t resist. It uses Article and Recipe pins so when you do eventually click (you always do), you know exactly what to do next. 

Buzzfeed Recipes

We hope you’re inspired to go out and start pinning! Want to learn more? Check out our full guide on Pinterest best practices.

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