You already know you need to be on Instagram. That’s a no-brainer. It’s where your customers are spending countless hours, discovering content not just from their friends and families, but also the businesses and brands that they love. And while they might not necessarily open the app looking for something to buy, it’s the perfect environment to stumble upon something that they never knew they even wanted.

So how can you make sure that your images and videos are ready for the ‘gram? We hosted a webinar last week to highlight some of our favorite tips and tricks for killin’ it with content, and here’s a quick recap!

Hate spoilers? Click here to watch the entire webinar now!

Do Your Homework

In Part I, we went over the importance of prep work. An editorial calendar is the Trapper Keeper of the digital age and can get you organized and help you define your content strategy. A huge benefit of using one is consistency, which is imperative if you want to look polished. Pay attention to details like your color palette, your cropping style, or your caption voice.  Also, planning ahead can eliminate those last minute hair-on-fire freak outs when you realize you haven’t posted in a while.

The most useful purpose of an editorial calendar is for better record keeping. Everyone’s burning question when it comes to Instagram is, “But what time should I post???” Studies out there will say lunchtime and dinnertime are optimal for posting because obviously who doesn’t ignore their dining parter for Instagram? But after performing a data analysis on our client data, we discovered that there isn’t really a pattern when it comes to post time and engagement. (See three examples below.) Since there is no one-size-fits-all answer, use your calendar to run some tests and see what days and times perform best for your brand. 

Content Topic-stravaganza

Sometimes the hardest part about creating an Instagram strategy is coming up with creative ideas for what to post. So in Part II of the webinar, we brainstormed a bunch of content topics and showed off some of our favorite client posts.

For example, taking your fans behind the scenes is a great way to highlight your company values and humanize your brand. This works great with video content and stories especially, where you can tell a longer narrative. United by Blue took their followers along on a road trip to a cleanup project in Alabama and Mississippi, which calls attention to the company’s greater mission.

From celebrating holidays to tickling your followers’ funny bones, there are so many great themes that can spark ideas for amazing posts!

It’s Not Over Once You Post

As The Carpenters would sing, “We’ve Only Just Begun.” (Is that reference too old?) Once your content has been shared, it’s time to start auditing your performance. How does your engagement look? Are certain types of posts performing better than others? Do specific times of day result in higher engagement? Are particular hashtags drawing more likes and comments? Are your followers interacting with your CTAs? You spend hours creating content, but if you’re not looking at the analytics, you could end up spinning your wheels and losing your audience.

Or hey, you could use a robust platform like Curalate to get all of the insights you could ever want to help you define your strategy for the future!

Throughout the rest of the webinar, we go over how to find the best hashtags, cool apps for creating eye-catching images and videos, why UGC is a great way to give your fans a voice, and so much more! To get all of our best hacks for creating content that wins on Instagram, click this link to view the full webinar recording!