In just a short amount of time, Pinterest has introduced a host of new features to enable its rapidly growing and active user base to find more relevant products – and brands to more easily drive sales. The problem is that change happens so frequently now, it’s practically become the norm. How to keep up with it all, and, more importantly, how to know which changes affect your brand?

Let’s take a brief look at Pinterest’s evolution and some of the more notable tools that have launched.

Rich Pins. Introduced in May 2013, Rich Pins are pins that provide additional information about the content a user engages with, such as pricing, availability, maps, and so on. Currently, there are six types of Rich Pins, including Product Pins, Movie Pins, Place Pins, Recipe Pins and Article Pins. In recent weeks, Pinterest added App Pins too.

Guided Search. Guided Search helps consumers sift through thousands of pins quickly to find what they’re looking for. We like to think of it as a “choose your own adventure” story, whereby one choice leads to another and another. In this way, Pinterest is making moves into search. Unlike Google or Amazon, however, Pinterest enables its community to search in a more subjective, or discovery-oriented, manner.

Promoted Pins. Pinterest’s ad offering has created a lot of buzz, which is amazing considering they’re not even fully available to all users. Last week, Pinterest confirmed that they are testing numerous features to bolster the value of Promoted Pins too. Multi-image ad units are a great example, through which brands will potentially be able to feature multiple creative assets within a single pin.

Gender filters. At the start of 2015, Pinterest added gender filters in a push to create a more male-friendly environment. This addition comes on the heels of recent data revealing one-third of all Pinterest signups are now men.

“Buy” button. This one’s somewhat self-explanatory; Pinterest is experimenting with a button that allows consumers to purchase the products they find. Around the time this feature was announced, Pinterest also banned affiliate links. Coincidence? We think not.

What do these Pinterest updates mean for me?

managing pinteret's updates

Whether you’re still building your following or looking to activate your audience in a meaningful, measurable way, Pinterest’s newer features can be used to your advantage. Manage these changes well, and you’ll find yourself better equipped to drive engagement, traffic and revenue from your pins.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a quick, free guide outlining what you need to know about Pinterest’s updates and how you can improve your strategy now. In it, you’ll find:

  • How Pinterest has changed their search and ad features.
  • Which of Pinterest’s updates are affecting your marketing success.
  • 6 key tips for increasing traffic and revenue from Pinterest.

We hope you find this useful.