Fashion Week is no longer the exclusive, VIP experience that it once was. Today, thanks to social media, brands are choosing to make the week-long extravaganza more accessible than ever, giving their social communities an all access pass via live-streamed shows, real-time commentary, and behind-the-scenes footage once reserved for industry elite.

With more than 115,000 Instagram images shared during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015, and over 10.8MM engagements with those images, Instagram’s visual prowess proved powerful during the most recent events (September 4th to 11th, 2014). Designers weren’t the only ones that stole the show either. As Curalate found, brands that participated in peripheral ways, as well as bloggers and media personalities, were also able to join the conversation, command attention, and increase visibility among Instagram fans.

In the following infographic, we examine engagement with brands and images on Instagram during New York Fashion Week S/S 2015 – and what it means for you.

New York Fashion Week Infographic

Methodology: Behind the Curtain

To understand how brands fared on Instagram during New York Fashion Week S/S 2015, we examined 6 of the most frequently used event-related hashtags from September 4th to September 11th, 2014. They are as follows:

  1. #nyfw
  2. #mbfw
  3. #fashionweek
  4. #newyorkfashionweek
  5. #nyfashionweek
  6. #mercedesbenzfashionweek

Additionally, to illustrate how engagement on Instagram is growing, we compared our findings to data from New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014, which ran between February 6th and 13th, 2014. For consistency, we tracked user activity and engagement across the same 6 hashtags. Then, we crunched the numbers and compared what we found.

Fashion Week, By The Numbers

In the infographic below, we illustrate not only which brands and images earned the most engagement on Instagram, but also how explosive this engagement was. But first, here are a few key highlights from our analysis.

Instagram engagement has doubled. Images shared during NYFW S/S 2015 generated over 10.8MM engagements (like + comments). That’s more than a 100% increase in total engagements when compared against these same hashtags last season.

Backstage beauty was front and center. Brands that earned the highest engagement rates weren’t limited to fashion. In fact, Aveda as well as official makeup sponsor for the event, Maybelline, outperformed all other brands in terms of engagement rate, proving that beauty products didn’t just rock the runway – they rocked Instagram too.

New York Fashion Week

Bloggers break the top 10. Events like Fashion Week are providing valuable opportunities for bloggers and independent journalists to leverage social conversations and communicate with fans. 3 bloggers in our analysis (Mariano Di Vaio, Class is Internal, and Camila Coelho) managed to generate as much engagement with their images as many major labels that we tracked.

New York Fashion Week

Curalate’s Official NYFW Runway Rundown

Instagram Infographic

Now What? Turning Instagram Engagement into Instant Revenue

Instagram is outpacing every other social platform in terms of user interactions with brands. Curalate’s infographic supports this trend; in our analysis, we saw engagement with images during New York Fashion Week increase by more than 100% since just February of this very same year.

To take advantage of what’s become an incredibly active social audience, marketers need to consider ways to not only spark fan engagement but to leverage those interactions to drive traffic and revenue. And with the most recent addition to Curalate’s suite of visual marketing tools, you can. Like2Buy, which launched in late August, is enabling brands to make Instagram shoppable, transforming photo feeds into beautiful galleries of products that can be bought. To learn more about how you can start delivering consumers from Instagram back to your website, click here.