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How to Create a Winning New Year’s Promotion

The holiday season is a hot time to reach gift-hungry shoppers, but don’t pack up your marketing efforts too early. There’s still another amazing opportunity to reach your customers: the new year.

It’s a big deal when the clock strikes midnight on January 1 — and it’s the perfect time to co-opt consumer excitement with great marketing campaigns. Here’s a three-step formula for creating a winning New Year’s marketing promotions:

1. Create a strong New Year’s theme

What is it about the new year that excites your customers? Find out and build a marketing campaign around that idea. To kickstart your brainstorming, here are a few common new-year tropes you can model:

  • “Do new things.” A Nielsen poll listed “learn something new” and “travel more” among the top 10 New Year’s resolutions. People want to get out of their ruts and become more interesting, skilled individuals.
  • “Change something about yourself.” There’s a reason why the top New Year’s resolutions are dominated by entries like “Get fit” and “Become healthy.”
  • “It’s time to celebrate.” When the new year drops, it’s time to party.

Obviously, these aren’t the only themes you can use. If you want another angle, here’s a hint: The new year revolves around sweeping out the old and embracing the new.

2. How does your brand fit into their New Year’s resolutions?

After you’ve selected your theme, think of ways your brand can add value. How can you help your customers actually hit their resolutions? For some industries, the answer is easy. If you run a gym, show people how you can help them get fit. If you run a health nutrition company, show people how to eat right.

Here are more examples for different industries:

  • Apparel. Help your fans upgrade their wardrobe so they look sharp for the new year.
  • Travel. Your fans want to see the world and become more cultured. Show them all the places you can take them — and give them a travel deal of a lifetime.
  • Education. Help your fans sharpen their skills to become more interesting, more valuable in the workplace, etc.
  • Food and beverage. Help your customer throw a party that’s the toast of the town.

No matter your industry, there’s a way to help your customers as they improve their lives in the new year.

3. Add a promotion

So, you have a New Year’s theme and your brand offers a unique spin on it. Now, sharpen it with a promotion. Think about the objective for your campaign. Are you trying to gain more followers? Drive traffic to your site? Generate more sales?

Consider these promotions:

Engagement: Start a new hashtag or ask your followers what’s on their mind for the new year. Virgin Active UK started the hashtag #FeelIt and highlighted influencers who committed to 21 days of fitness.

Giveaway: A New Year’s giveaway is an excellent opportunity to get fans excited, gain new followers and drum up new business. Here’s a good example from travel goods brand SOVRN Republic.

Discount: Sometimes your customers just can’t say no to an eye-popping discount, especially when they’re already on in shopping mode after the holiday season (and want a little something for themselves.) Here’s a fun example from Luzaccessories in partnership with model Cynthia Baremans.

Another way to win in the new year? Capitalize on user-generated content — the images fans, influencers and consumers post on social everyday. Smart brands are not only finding that content, they’re using it to gain followers and sell products? Learn more with our free guide 35 Ways to Turn User-Generated Content into Real Revenue.

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