Everyday on Instagram and Pinterest, consumers express desire for the products they covet the most – by pinning and repinning your content, leaving comments on your images, using brand-related hashtags when sharing photos, and tagging your brand while in your physical stores. This engagement isn’t just emotional; it’s aspirational. And for brands, this presents an amazing opportunity to turn this aspiration into sales.

Up until this point, however, a large part of this engagement has been ignored and overlooked by brands – not because they don’t care, but because there hasn’t been a solution that enables their teams to do this at scale. This is primarily due to:

  • A lack of context. Comments on Instagram and Pinterest are displayed chronologically, making it difficult to give meaning to most conversations.
  • Search limitations. On both platforms, the search functionalities were built for consumers, not brand engagement.

While, sure, these obstacles are frustrating, they’re also time-consuming. Worse yet, all that scrolling and searching means less time engaging with your fans.
In order to help your community management team turn these product-driven conversations into action, we built Curalate Conversations.
threaded comments

Curalate Conversations is the first solution to contextually group conversations in a way that enables your community team to confidently engage with audiences on both Instagram and Pinterest. Below, we explore four ways your brand can take action using Conversations today.

  1. Hone in on timely comments and questions.
  2. Find and delete unwanted comments quickly.
  3. Find organic conversations that show purchase intent.
  4. Add Instagram locations to monitor an entirely new stream of fan photos.

Use Case: Hone in on timely comments and questions.

Search for specific keywords, phrases and user handles to better understand how your audience is talking about your products. Then, reach out and engage those fans to drive top-of-mind awareness and transactions.

find comments on instagram

  • Search by sentiment. Enter keywords like “want,” “love” or even “need,” and respond to complimentary comments with a “thank you” and more information about how they can get your product. Alternatively, you can also search for negative sentiment to address complaints.
  • Search for terms like “where” or “when,” and pull up questions that your team can respond to. This is a quick win on the customer service front and a great way to facilitate a sale.

Use Case: Find and delete unwanted comments quickly.

delete comments on Instagram

As a marketer, you probably know that brand accounts tend to attract spam and the occasional rogue user. Use Conversations to search for flagged terms, such as “iPhone,” “free” or “giveaway.” Once you identify spammy or profane comments, simply tap the trash bin to delete the offending comment and keep your message on point.

Use Case: Find organic conversations that show purchase intent.

community management on pinterest

When consumers talk about your brand organically, they’re not just demonstrating love; they’re describing why they love your products. Search for key terms such as “love,” “where” and “buy” to identify engagements that suggest an intent to purchase or take action on your content, and then layer in holidays and occasions to get even more specific.

Once you’ve identified new opportunities to engage with consumers, leverage Curalate’s dashboard to actively engage these users and convert fans into followers. “Like” or respond to these images (right from your dashboard) to guide consumers to purchase and inspire them to pin or ‘Gram again. 

Use Case: Add Instagram locations to monitor an entirely new stream of fan photos.

Today’s consumer documents everything, visiting your physical locations and then sharing photos and videos of that experience with their followers and friends. With Conversations, you can keep tabs on multiple Instagram locations and thank your consumers for dropping by with a simple comment or like.

location tags on instagram

This becomes especially significant when you consider that nearly 80% of Instagram images that include a brand’s location tag don’t actually mention the brand in the caption.

instagram location tags

In this way, you now have an entirely new way to discover engagements that were once invisible to your social teams. To get started, just decide which locations you want to track and add them to your dashboard. As a client, you can add up to 100 locations per brand right away.

Ready to get started?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last year, it’s that visual social channels like Instagram and Pinterest are anything but a passing trend. Just last week, Instagram officially surpassed Twitter in terms of active monthly users. And while Pinterest’s user data isn’t public, we do know that there are more than 30 billion pins that live in its system – and that every quarter, this number grows by as much as 25%.

If you’re a Curalate client, contact your Success Manager today to learn more about how Curalate Conversations can help you save time and grow your brand – starting now. Not a client? No big! Get in touch with us today to learn how you can drive brand awareness, engagement and revenue on the visual web. We look forward to chatting.