Here’s the conventional wisdom on Instagram influencers: Brands can get the most exposure by throwing money at celebrities or bloggers with millions of followers. (A Kardashian would be most preferable.) More followers means more chances to drive purchases and build a large audience of your own.

Actually… that’s simply incorrect. Multiple studies show that partnering with micro-influencers can provide much better results at cheaper rates.

Markerly conducted an expansive study on the subject, finding that influencers in the 10,000 to 100,000 follower range offer the best combination of engagement and broad reach — with like and comment rates that exceed influencers with higher followers. “These micro-influencers will move the needle for your brand and cost a fraction of what you would pay a mega-celebrity,” said Markerly.

Another study, cited in Jonah Berger’s bestseller Contagious: Why Things Catch On, found that 82% of those who receive a recommendation from a micro-influencer are following the recommendation to purchase. That’s a crazy high conversion rate.

Plus there’s no guarantee that a high-priced celebrity won’t screw it horribly. Just ask Adidas and Bootea, brands that worked with Naomi Campbell and Scott Disick — celebs that copied-and-pasted instructions from the brand into the caption of their Instagram photos. What a mess!

Want to learn how to work with micro-influencers? Join Curalate for a webinar called Micro-Influencers: How Niche Influencers Drive Successful Programs. We’ll analyze not only how, but why, micro-influencers are driving serious impact for brands.

This is traditionally a very difficult audience to discover, but we’ll share some tips and solutions on how to find, engage, and manage this powerful group. We’ll also reveal a sneak peek at the newest Curalate product which enables our clients to proactively find high quality content and influencers at scale. (We’re pumped to show it off… it’s pretty awesome.)

Join Curalate’s Marketing Director and resident Instagram Influencer @BrendanLowry for the webinar to explore:

  • What influencer marketing is and why it matters.
  • Three tips for building a successful influencer marketing strategy.
  • The value of micro-influencers and how they can help you.
  • Finding and landing the right micro-influencers.

WHO: Curalate’s Marketing Director Brendan Lowry. He’s the micro-influencer behind @BrendanLowry and @Peopledelphia.

WHAT: We’ll analyze how and why micro-influencers are driving serious impact for brands.

WHEN: Thursday, August 18th at 12 p.m. ET


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