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Mythbusters: Micro-Influencers School us on Influencer Marketing


Two successful micro-influencers dropped by Curalate HQ for a webinar. They gave us the inside scoop on influencer marketing and helped us debunk some common myths about the space.

  • Sabir Peele is the founder and creative director of Men’s Style Pro. He’s got 61,000 Instagram followers, works with brands like Adidas, Stella Artois, Movado, Cartier and Lincoln. He also hosts a video series for Esquire magazine.
  • Macarena Ferreira is the founder of a successful blog called The Material Girl. She has 24,000 Instagram followers and works with the Hair Cuttery, Neutrogena, Dunkin’ Donuts, Raymour & Flanigan, and plenty of others.

They dropped major knowledge during the webinar, explaining how smaller influencers reach hyper-targeted audiences, how deals are structured and mistakes brands typically make.


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