Marketers have been drooling over Snapchat for years. With 166 million daily active users86% of whom are under the age of 35 — Snapchat is a potential goldmine for brands. But so far, monetizing Snapchat has been a major challenge because the platform hasn’t exactly been business friendly.

That hasn’t stopped brands from working hard to create compelling content to develop an audience on the platform. For many of those companies, that’s led to improved brand awareness and affinity with a younger crowd. But tying Snapchat efforts back to commerce has been difficult. What’s the ROI on a Snap? Are our Snapchat followers actually making purchases?

To help brands turn Snapchat into cold hard cash, we created this four-step guide:

1. Build Your Following

This might sound obvious but building a following on Snapchat is no easy feat. Here are some quick ways to generate audience:

  • Add Friends from your address book. It’s easy. Just tap the ghost icon on the Snapchat home screen then tap Add Friends.
  • Share your Snapcode everywhere. That way, people can just take pic of your code and instantly follow you.
  • Send an Email Blast. No marketing tool works quite like email. In fact, three-quarters of companies agree that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI. Use it to promote your Snapchat account and watch the followers build!
  • Partner with influencers. Find a blogger or Snapchat superstar in your space and get them to promote your account. Or better yet, have them do an account takeover. Not only will it make your brand look cool and hip, the cross-promotion will lead to a much larger follower base. Check out this cool partnership between influencer Mike Platco (who gets 120,000 views per snap) and Walt Disney World.

2. Post Often

Snapchat content disappears after 24 hours, so stay active! Here are some ideas to keep the content flowing:

  • Do an interview. Q&As are perfect for Snapchat. Find an employee, brand ambassador or influencer and ask them a series of questions. Just make sure their answers fit within Snapchat’s 10-second window.
  • Give feedback. Ask your audience for questions, then answer them in bite-sized nuggets.
  • Offer an exclusive look. Take your followers behind-the-scenes of a cool event like a photo shoot or launch party. Even showing off your workspace could resonate with your audience. Why? Because there’s nothing quite like inside access.

3. Customize Your Content for Maximum Clickthroughs

Just last week, Snapchat introduced the Paperclip function allowing users to attach a link to any Snap. Friends can swipe up to open the link in Snapchat’s internal browser. It’s a major shift for Snapchat, which previously allowed links only in advertisements or its Discover page. It’s a clear sign that Snapchat wants to make its platform more useful for brands and publishers.

Sure, you want your followers to clickthrough to your site, but that might not be intuitive to your followers. So make sure you’re explicitly saying “Swipe up for more” in your Snaps. Since many people watch Snaps on mute, be smart and display the CTA with a text overlay.

4. Use Curalate Showroom to Make Snapchat Shoppable

Curalate Showroom can transform any link into a commerce experience in seconds. Dropping those links into the Paperclip feature on Snapchat means every Snap can now become its own online storefront. Showroom not only allows users to shop the products featured in the original Snap, but also showcases relevant recommendations and related products — introducing consumers to products they never knew existed.

With Showroom, consumers explore more products, bounce less and engage longer — without any need to involve your IT department, leading to a 53% reduction in bounce rate, 60% more products discovered and a 10% increase in time on site.

The technology isn’t limited to just Snapchat. In fact, it lets you transform any link into a commerce experience and share it anywhere online. Think Facebook, email newsletters or blogs. Literally anywhere you can paste a link, you can create a compelling commerce experience.

How can I make Snapchat shoppable? It’s simple:

  • Pick any tagged product from your content library.
  • Generate a Showroom link.
  • Create a Snap featuring that product.
  • Copy and paste the link into the Snap using the Paperclip icon.

Boom. Shoppable Snapchat.

Curalate helps more than 800 of the world’s leading brands create compelling commerce experiences that adapt to how consumers discover products. On average, our clients achieve: 79% increases in time-on-site, 16% jumps in average order value and 31% increases in conversion rate. 

What can Curalate do for your business? Contact us to find out.