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Curalate Makes Luxury Daily’s Top 10 Marketing Campaigns of 2016

From Harry Winston's Like2Buy page.

From Harry Winston's Like2Buy page.

Luxury brands have notoriously been late adopters to e-commerce. To many, selling online removes the hallmark of exclusivity that comes with selling big-ticket items face-to-face. But whether they sell online or not, luxury brands can’t ignore sophisticated e-commerce tools that will help them educate consumers, plus find and capitalize on amazing user-generated content.

One luxury brand that has excelled in the new world of commerce is Harry Winston. While Harry Winston doesn’t sell its engagement rings, diamond necklaces or luxury watches online — it hasn’t stopped the company from implementing cutting-edge e-commerce technology. It partnered with Curalate to power Like2Buy, which typically connects images and videos on a company’s Instagram feed to web pages that allow customers to make purchases. But for Harry Winston (and its 734,000 Instagram followers), the imagery drives people to detailed information about products or in-store appointments.

The innovative program caught the eye of the Luxury Daily editors, who named the Curalate-Harry Winston partnership to its list of the top 10 social media marketing campaigns of 2016. Cue the party hat emojis!

Luxury Daily wrote the following:

U.S. jeweler Harry Winston made a connection between its Instagram content and its physical points of sale through a shoppable feed.

The brand, which does not offer e-commerce, leveraged Curalate’s Like2Buy platform to drive in-store appointments and product exploration instead of online purchases. Brands’ Instagram audiences tend to be the most engaged, making this initiative a means to connect the brand’s digital followers with its frontline staff.

Like2Buy originated as a means of turning inspirational content into sales for brands. Since Instagram posts do not allow for hyperlinks within the captions, marketers have had to invent ways to take consumers from post to purchase.

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An example of a product on Harry Winston’s Like2Buy page.

Back in October, Curalate CEO Apu Gupta told Luxury Daily that Like2Buy isn’t just for companies selling products online.

“Curalate makes images and videos shoppable. However, shoppable means different things to different brands. For some it’s about transactions, for others it’s about driving people further along the consumer journey,” said Gupta. “Using Curalate Like2Buy, Harry Winston is connecting people from inspiration to information in an innovative way, and in doing so providing a great demonstration of how luxury brands can connect with consumers where they live today.”

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