Generate Revenue with Instagram
Instagram is driving tremendous engagement with brands – nearly 60x more engagement per follower than Facebook and 140x more than Twitter. And to capture this engagement, marketing teams are increasingly shifting their focus (and their dollars) toward making this community profitable.

Instagram poses two monetization opportunities – the photos your fans take and the photos your brand takes. Curalate’s Fanreel product gave brands the ability to drive revenue from fan photos and has enabled brands to increase order values and conversion rates. Today, Curalate introduced Like2Buy to generate revenue from the other side of this visual coin – the photos your brand posts to Instagram. With Like2Buy, brands can go from Instagram to revenue in 60 seconds—without ever needing to touch ecommerce—all in an environment that puts the customer experience first. Read on to discover how Like2Buy will change your relationship with Instagram.

Like2Buy leverages the strength of your site.

Brands invest heavily to build out beautifully designed, highly functional ecommerce experiences that convert browsers into buyers. Each landing page is optimized for engagement and contains powerful cues that consumers use to make decisions: product reviews, photos, descriptions, recommendations, and availability. Together, this information helps consumers form opinions around the products they are interested in. In fact, even today, despite the immediacy of the social web, more than 85% of consumers still take the time to read online reviews “often” or “very often” prior to purchasing.

Unlike your website, Instagram isn’t optimized for transactions, nor can it contextualize your products to the extent that product pages can. That’s the beauty of Like2Buy. It takes Instagram engagement and delivers fans to your site so that your site can do what it was designed to – inform, convert, and transact.

Like2Buy creates a safe, secure experience.

Alternative approaches—including “comment selling,” in which a consumer comments “sold” along with their email address—sound easy enough but are actually fairly problematic. Encouraging consumers to post personal emails in public forums is an invitation to spam at best and an opening for fraud at worst. Ask yourself this: Would you submit personal information within a public comment thread or to a third-party payment service?

Like2Buy allows brands to seamlessly transport consumers from Instagram to the online environment they know and trust. To get started, a user simply clicks the Like2Buy link in a brand’s profile and is automatically taken to a gallery of that brand’s Instagram photos (no registration needed). Your fans can view these images by products they have “liked” previously or browse a brand-curated feed of “Featured” items, each image which clicks directly through to your website.

Like2Buy turns your past into a present.

Many brands have large, devoted fan bases that have actively engaged with the brand for quite a while. Like2Buy let’s you leverage all the love your fans have showered upon your posts by automatically creating a personalized wish list of products based on each fan’s previous likes. Like2Buy is the only solution for Instagram that lets you generate revenue from the posts of yesterday and today.

Like2Buy is for content, not just commerce!

For brands, Instagram isn’t just about pushing products; it’s also about offering fans a way to discover great content, whether that content can be physically bought or not. More than a tool for commerce, Like2Buy enables brands to leverage Instagram and deliver consumers back on site to individual landing pages, where they can learn more about, well, anything that interests them. If you’re a publisher, this creates opportunities to link Instagram images to specific articles, recipes, and so on. In entertainment, photos might drive consumers to character bios, movie trailers, microsites, and more. The possibilities are endless, and where you drive consumers is completely up to you.

Getting started.

Instagram has changed the way consumers discover and interact with brands. With Like2Buy, social marketers can now deliver those users back to brands’ websites, providing new opportunities to drive traffic, generate revenue, and (finally) demonstrate ROI.

Curalate clients can contact their Success Managers to activate this feature today. If you’re not currently working with Curalate but want to learn more about how you can drive revenue from Instagram, click here.