Gretchen Bleiler is an Olympic snowboarder turned environmental activist/entrepreneur. Rosie O’Neil is the co-founder of California-based luxury candy company Sugarfina. Parisa Fowles-Pazdro owns the chic doggy fashion brand Max-bone.

While they’ve all taken very different paths in life and business, they all have one thing in common — they’ve been featured as a “Sunday Girl” by popular fashion brand Joie. Once a month, Joie identifies a real woman who encompass the company’s understatedly chic aesthetic, then posts a photoshoot and Q&A on the Joie website. They also let the Sunday Girl take over the company’s Instagram account for 24 hours. The program has done wonders to revolutionize Joie’s marketing efforts.

“Sunday Girls are regular women who are inspirational,” said Mary Peffer, head of social at Joie and parent company Dutch LLC. “These are creative people that are inspiring to us but also happen to really exemplify the Joie brand.” Think entrepreneurs, athletes and executives — real women.

Joie documents the Sunday Girl in her natural environment — drinking coffee, doing yoga, spending time with her children. Sure they’re dressed in some Joie items, but they also wear many of their own clothes — leading to a more authentic experience. The photoshoot appears on the Joie website and some of the looks shared during the Instagram takeover are shoppable with Curalate’s Like2Buy solution.
“It’s always easier if someone can just click a link. That’s what they do on our website and now they can do it on Instagram with Like2Buy” said Peffer.

The Sunday Girls also bring wide and varied social media followings to the table. For example, Sugarfina has 74,000 Instagram followers. Gretchen Bleiler has 40,000. They bring engaged audiences and expand reach.

For Mother’s Day, Joie thought one Sunday Girl was not enough to do the holiday justice. So it named 10 women as Sunday Girls, detailing how each breaks barriers in their respective industries while doing an incredible job as parents. It was a heartwarming nod to working mothers everywhere, who prioritize their careers while simultaneously dedicating time to raising their children.

Joie body image mothers day

The results of the Sunday Girl program have been terrific. The company has seen a spike in web traffic and is getting serious engagement on Sunday Girl content. For example on Instagram, they post more frequently during a Sunday Girl takeover and are seeing the same level of engagement.

“Clearly it’s content that people are enjoying, otherwise we’d see those numbers go down,” said Peffer.

Curalate also gives Joie the ability to do a deep dive on visual analytics to help determine engagement for each piece of Sunday Girl content — and figure out the best way to proceed forward. With Curalate, Joie is able to determine which influencers to partner with and even which time of day is best for posting.

The whole project has been a serious boon to Joie’s e-commerce business — and a welcome change from a traditional ad campaign.

“It’s lovely for our customers to see products on a real person they identify with” said Peffer. “and share real moments.”