Since its launch last year, Curalate’s Like2Buy solution has become an integral component of hundreds of brands’ Instagram strategies. As marketers were struggling to report on the value of Instagram in concrete terms, Like2Buy provided a much needed way to generate site traffic and prove ROI.

Our original goal when we created Like2Buy was to allow the brands we work with to give their Instagram followers an easier way to take action on the products and content they discovered in their feeds. What we learned, however, was that Instagram followers aren’t just eager to click. Once on a brand’s site, they are also highly engaged. These are just some of the results Like2Buy is generating:

Like2Buy Stats

Over the last few months, the Curalate team has been hard at work, innovating to ensure that, with Like2Buy, our clients get even more out of their Instagram investment. We’re excited to announce we’ve designed several new features that will help the brands we work with prolong conversations and enhance product relevancy. Here’s a peek.

1. Email Capture: Keep Connections Alive Post-Instagram

We’ve established that Instagram is a great medium for identifying influencers, but the lack of a mechanism to collect followers’ information for communication on other platforms has remained a challenge. That’s why we’ve integrated an email capture feature into Like2Buy. Beginning today, in addition to driving traffic directly to your website, you will also be able to capture Instagram fans’ email addresses to grow your distribution list and provide another marketing touch point.

Charlotte Russe Instagram email capture

How can you apply this feature? This function will allow brands to send targeted emails with the knowledge that the recipients are definitely Instagram users, meaning they are likelier to engage with UGC, more inclined to enter social media contests, and are mobile-friendly fans. A beauty brand, for example, could send a roundup of user-generated images featuring a line of lipsticks during a given week. That brand could also use that email to encourage new fans to share their own photos for a chance to be featured in future brand communications, or even score a discount off their next purchase.

Whether it’s a weekly email recapping top Instagram posts or a specific campaign offering prizes for sharing photos, Instagram-specific email lists will facilitate relevant messaging to fans.

2. Internationalization: Make Like2Buy a Global Source of Revenue

More than 70% of Instagram users are outside the U.S., so it makes sense that tons of brands receive engagement from fans around the world. Directing international fans to a regional ecommerce site, however, has proven to be difficult. We’ve fixed that by providing brands the option to internationalize their Like2Buy feeds.

International Like2Buy

Curalate can identify the country that Like2Buy visitors are coming from based on their IP address. If it’s not the same as your brand’s default ecommerce site, the user will be directed to the homepage of the regional website upon tapping on an image. All we need from you to make this happen is a list of your localized websites. With custom internationalization, we can drive customers to localized versions of specific product pages. If the product is not available in a particular region, it’s no problem – we’ll remove that image from the localized Like2Buy feed.

Get Started

Like2Buy has forever changed the way consumers discover products and interact with brands on Instagram. Curalate clients can contact their Success Managers to learn more about or activate either of these new features today. If you’re not currently working with Curalate but want to see a demo of Like2Buy, we’d love to connect.