Have you heard about Instagram Stories polls? Are they awesome, or are they awesome?

Okay, let’s back up for a sec and explain. You’ve certainly heard of Instagram Stories, the addictive feature that now boasts a monstrous 250 million daily users. Stories are a blast, showing you quick photos and videos of what your friends are up to. And they disappear after 24 hours, because all content was not meant to live forever.

In a bid to increase Stories engagement even further, Instagram recently added poll stickers. These let you place a simple two-option poll on each image or video you publish in your Story. Your followers can vote, and you can see your poll’s results afterward.

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For brands, Instagram Stories polls open up a world of possibilities to drive user engagement. Here are five ways brands can capitalize right away:

1. Link Instagram Stories polls to fun marketing campaigns

Your users can passively hear about your next promotion — or you can get them engaged by asking for a small investment. That investment is the simple act of voting on a poll. Pique your followers’ interest, show them why your marketing campaign is awesome, and ask them to visit your sales pages.

Check out what Airbnb recently did to promote their listings in Taiwan. They enticed users by asking them to guess where a photo was taken. Then they used Instagram’s See More CTA to bring users to their Hualien County, Taiwan listings.

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2. Let poll results change events in real time

It’s fun to vote on a poll and see how everyone else voted. Know what’s even more fun? Seeing your votes affect events in real life. During your next live event — a photo shoot, social media broadcast, anything really — publish stories asking users to vote on what should happen next. For example, you might ask followers to vote on which outfit your model should wear for an upcoming set of photos.

In between the voting, publish other stories showing how users’ choices changed the event. You’ll keep your fans on the edge of their seats wondering what’s coming next.

3. Suss out customers’ needs for on-the-spot sales

One of the best ways to sell is to solve customers’ problems. With a brief sticker poll, you can get to the heart of what your customer needs — then recommend the perfect product to help them.

Check out what cosmetics retailer Nykaa did recently on Instagram Stories. They asked whether followers wanted glow or hydration for their skin, then presented a See More CTA so users could buy right away.

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4. Get quick opinions for instant market research

No, it won’t be the tightest market research you’ve ever conducted. But Instagram Stories polls are a great way to gauge the room. Put out two options and see how your followers vote. Encourage your followers to message you, too. This might generate a flood of direct messages, which will give you deeper insights into your customers’ thoughts.

There are tons of things you can get opinions on through polls. Here are just a few quick options:

  • What kinds of prizes do your followers want?
  • Which product should you launch next?
  • When should you schedule your next event/giveaway/social media broadcast?

If you need a little nudge in one direction to make the right decision — and want to engage your followers along the way — launching a poll is the way to go.

5. Dream up exclusive perks for followers who vote on your polls

The more a follower interacts with your Instagram account, the more likely the platform’s algorithm will distribute your content. In short, engagement rules — and Instagram Stories polls can help you get that engagement.

How do you get your followers hotly anticipating your next poll? By giving them something to look forward to. Here’s an idea: Announce exclusive perks for followers who vote.

For example, you can tell your followers to look out for your giveaway polls. An hour after you post one, you’ll announce winners for cool prizes. This encourages fans to keep an eye out for your content and engage with it once it’s published. This is a similar concept to the 60 Second Club, created by business wiz and social media influencer Gary Vaynerchuk. If a follower likes and comments on Gary’s Instagram post within 60 seconds after it’s published, they get a chance to win awesome swag.

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