As commerce evolves, it’s important that brands reach consumers wherever they are online. Today, consumers discover brands on many different touchpoints like social, ads or blogs — and smart brands will deliver content experiences that adapt to those specific touchpoints.

One of the most popular and effective touchpoints for brands is Instagram. While posting compelling photos and videos is great, many brands are hoping to create frictionless commerce experiences from Instagram that shorten the path from discovery to purchase. (Curalate can help transform a brand’s Instagram marketing strategy by turning it into a high-quality traffic and revenue driver. Learn more here.)

When we came across the following infographic, we knew we had to share it. It comes from Website Builder, which did extensive research and curation to offer 139 facts and stats about Instagram for 2017. It’s chock full of amazing data — like which brands have the highest followings, best times-of-day to post, how user demographics have shifted and which filters and hashtags are most popular. Enjoy!