From travel to beauty to fashion, brands in almost every vertical can use Instagram’s new slideshow feature as a tool for discovery.

Gone are the days of debating which singular image to post to Instagram. Thanks to Instagram’s new slideshow feature, users can now post up to 10 images and videos in one gallery — all in one post. While most casual users might get excited over the new opportunity to share multiple angles of their cute pets or their gourmet breakfast, brands and influencers will love this feature for so much more. Here’s a breakdown of how Instagram slideshows can be used in a number of different verticals.

Beauty brands can post multiple images of product swatches on different skin tones, as well as user-generated content and product shots, all in one continuous gallery loop. This is especially useful for when new products go to market, as users no longer need to search the new product’s hashtag if they want to see how, say, that new highlight palette looks on different skin tones. Beauty brands and beauty influencers can also use the slideshow feature to break down tutorials in a manner that’s more concise than an eight-minute YouTube video.

Alcohol brands can hype up a new product in interesting ways using slideshows. Imagine lifestyle shots of a gorgeous summer sangria followed by a short video tutorial of how to make it (á la Buzzfeed Tasty.) You could follow that with an ingredients list and recipe slide that the viewer can screenshot and reference at the grocery store later so they can make the sangria themselves.

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Fashion brands are already using influencer marketing in interesting ways, but Instagram’s slideshow feature opens up brand new opportunities for engagement. For example, a shoe brand can post up to 10 different images of influencers or fans wearing the same shoe, but styled in different ways. In the caption, the brand can poll the audience on who wore it best/their favorite look, adding on prizes and incentives for participation. In doing so, the shoe brand is not only showing the viewer how versatile their products can be, but also fostering a spirit of competition and engagement.

Travel brands have probably been praying for something like for quite some time now. Rather than choosing a few images (if even that) to market one particular hotel or destination, brands can now paint a fuller picture of what each property looks and, more importantly, feels like. Teaming up with a prominent model to illustrate “24 hours in our new hotel” or an adventurous backpacking duo that explores “the best street food in Thailand” is much more compelling if you can use 10 images/videos at the same time. It allows hospitality brands to entice viewers to book trips in certain cities by showing off the amazing culture and attractions of each destination in a compelling slideshow, rather than trying to capture it all in one image or video.

Home decor brands are all about personality and creating a mood, which is why the versatility of Instagram slideshows is particularly useful. Home Depot or Lowe’s could walk viewers through tutorials like “how to build a rustic bookshelf for under $50,” featuring a how-to segment, as well as shopping lists, pro tips, and images of the finished product styled in multiple ways. Brands like Wayfair or Ikea can team up with a mommy blogger to re-decorate her five-year-old son’s bedroom, showing her selection process from start to finish, as well as lifestyle shots of her son jumping on his new bed. Both of these examples show the viewer just how easy and accessible it can be to spruce up a room, inspiring them to switch things up in their own spaces.

Small businesses can certainly use Instagram slideshows to their advantage. Whether it’s a vintage boutique featuring new inventory that just hit the racks or a spa illustrating all the reasons why you should get a springtime facial (a discount code at the end of the gallery never hurts), businesses in any industry can use this new feature. Small businesses can also post slideshows of events held at their space, collaborations with other brands, testimonials from happy customers, or special announcements of a timely manner.

Whether you’re a big-box retailer with millions of followers or a food blogger working out of your tiny apartment kitchen, there’s a million ways to use Instagram’s new slideshow feature to market your brand in a whole new way. From polling your followers to inspiring people, the gallery feature will pull in your followers in a way like never before.

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