Yesterday, Pinterest announced Curalate’s official access to their Business Insights API, which provides deeper and more automated access to Pinterest data. As a result, Curalate is now the only visual analytics provider to be included in Pinterest’s Business Insights API initiative, Tumblr’s A-List program, and listed as an Instagram Platform Developer.

With the Business Insights API already integrated into Curalate’s dashboard, we’ll continue to provide clients with deeper insight into their customers and which images engage them on Pinterest. In addition to a faster, more robust backend (which you’ll notice, but will not physically see), the following improved insights will be integrated into our dashboard:

  • Improved demographic data, including audience gender and location
  • Improved pinner insights: What engages a brand’s followers; what’s the ideal pinning cadence?
  • Deep insights into Pinterest’s unique viral mechanics: How does a pin end up with tens of thousands of extended repins?

Pinterest’s API Matched with Curalate’s Image Recognition

Curalate is able to take Pinterest’s API one step further by marrying it with our image recognition technology. Curalate scans 200,000,000+ images every day, enabling brands to extract deep insights from images shared on Pinterest (and Facebook, Instagram, & Tumblr as well). These insights enable you to understand what products consumers care about, how they want to see those products, and how they describe those products when engaging with them. This provides you the power to make better marketing decisions and ultimately form stronger connections with your fans.

pinterest for business api

pinterest api business

Curalate reveals which products are truly popular, not just which pins.

While a brand’s own Pinterest page provides a valuable megaphone, the true power of Pinterest’s insights can only be unlocked by looking at organic activity on the network. In fact, Curalate found that up to 85% of a brand’s engagement on Pinterest can come from organic pinning activity (outside of a brand’s official account).

To make sense of this tidal wave of organic pinning, it’s critical that a brand be able to segment engagement by product, not just by pin – no small feat when you’re talking about tens of thousands of pins/repins for a brand every day – which can only be done with the combination of Pinterest’s Business Insights API and Curalate’s technology.

We look forward to working with clients, both current and future, to continue driving brand affinity, engagement, and revenue with images.

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