Instagram has been busy this year protecting the privacy of their 1 billion daily active users!

In the wake on some high profile data breaches, Instagram started making moves earlier this year to ensure that their users’ privacy was better protected. The new Graph API is built intentionally to protect user privacy and guard against spam, while still allowing marketers access to the essential data and tools that you need.

Instagram’s Graph API imposes limits on the personal information, posts, and insights that companies like Curalate can programmatically provide for a user, unless that user has a business profile.

On December 11th, there are more updates coming to the Graph API. Here’s an overview of what’s going on, details on each change, and how these updates will minimally impact your workflow.

Check out the recorded webinar above. Here’s the TL;DR:

  • You’ll no longer be able to search or view posts from a Location (geo tags) within the Curalate platform. Locations is being removed from the Graph API. Locations will still be available to view in Instagram.
  • You will still be able to view posts for a Hashtag within Curalate but the new API has some limitations. Most importantly,
    • You can only track up to 30 hashtags in Curalate at a given time,
    • You have to fully connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts (we emailed every applicable client to fix their connections if needed- no news is good news!)
  • Through publicly available Instagram APIs, we’re building a new one-click Chrome browser extension that will allow you to bring any image found on Instagram into Curalate with the corresponding metadata to ask for rights.

The philosophy behind these recent changes is pretty simple — Instagram will only allow technology partners like Curalate to programmatically access IG data when the user has explicitly engaged with the brand. That engagement includes mentioning, tagging, or hashtagging. Instagram does not believe that when a user adds a location, that it is an explicit engagement with the brand.

Further detail:

Locations: Moving forward, we cannot support the Explore Locations and Hashtags page after Dec 11th. While you will still be able to track hashtags under the Instagram tab, the Tracked Location pages will only display historical information after the Instagram API changes come into effect. So note, the Tracked Location pages will still be available but we won’t get any fresh content from Instagram after Dec 11th.

But we know that you have plenty of valid use cases for wanting to explore media on that has geotags. That’s why we are making it easy for you to bring any images from into Curalate with a single click so that you can ask for rights.

As you browse posts, you’ll see a “Curalate” button overlaid on the top right-hand corner of the media. Simply click the button and it will add that post to your Curalate Library with all the Instagram metadata. You’ll be able to easily ask for rights for this image. It’s that easy!

You will also have the option soon to add images you find on Instagram to your library by copying and pasting the Instagram URL. From here, you’ll be able to find this image within your Media Library.

Hashtag tracking:
Due to the new limits on tracking a maximum of 30 hashtags, we’ll make it easy for you to always stay on top of how many hashtags you are tracking in our platform. Head over to the Instagram dashboard to see your list of tracked Hashtags. From there, you’ll be able to see how many hashtags you’ve used of your available limit, and untrack them if you need to. Note that a hashtag will count towards your limit for 7 days after untracking the hashtag.

Further user protection:

As part of our rights request workflow, you will continue to see the username and the post comments.

Since adapting to Facebook’s increased privacy requirements in April 2018, we’ve received no complaints from the 1,100+ brands and retailers we work with. In fact, numerous brands who have evaluated Curalate in the past several months have called out our moderation capabilities as far superior to what they’ve experienced elsewhere.

Can I still add a geolocation when scheduling?
Yes, this won’t be impacted at all! Continue to add in your geo-locations when using our Instagram scheduler, this won’t disrupt your workflow.

Will usernames show up on my website on my live Fanreel?
Yes! If you currently have a live Fanreel and have previously opted to show the usernames related to the approved media, those usernames will still show up. You just won’t be able to see the usernames in Curalate prior to approving for Fanreel.

If I’ve reached my limit of 30 hashtags, can I swap out some old ones to track new hashtags?
Yes, this is definitely possible. Just remember that a hashtag will count towards your limit for 7 days after untracking.

If you have any questions, please reach out to or your Account Manager.