Art Me Up

Brand: Paint Nite
Live Gallery: Click here.
Curalate Solution: Fanreel

What do you call a night out that combines friends, drinks, and one’s inner-Bob Ross? Besides ‘the best night ever,’ we’d call it Paint Nite! Paint Nite’s website isn’t a typical retail e-commerce site. Its purpose isn’t to sell physical products, but to facilitate event sign-ups and provide information on how to open a franchise. To show off how incredibly awesome Paint Nite is and encourage signups, they chose to celebrate their patrons with a full-page Fanreel!

Why this is cool: They have not one, but TWO Fanreels on their ‘Photos’ page. One features regular Paint Nite UGC and the other features Paint Niters who went a little rogue with their artwork. Even better, there’s a banner at the top of the page advertising a contest for those rogue artists to win $500! The entire page is a home run – creating FOMO and awakening the artist in all of us!


Brand: Jonathan Adler
Live Link: Click here.
Curalate Solution: Reveal

Who says you need to be in a museum to experience beautiful works of art? If you were to step into a home filled with Jonathan Adler furniture, you might say, “The Met who?” Even Jonathan Adlers’s website is stunning. To make it easy for site visitors to purchase one or two unique pieces or an entire living room, JA uses a custom Reveal image on their homepage.

Why this is cool: JA truly demonstrates an eye for style with custom plus sign product tags. The image size is nice and large, and the photo itself isn’t too crowded with products. A ‘Shop The Room’ homepage Reveal is the perfect gateway for site visitors to discover and fall in love with products naturally.

Pin It To Win It

Brand: Kohl’s
Live Pin: Click here.
Showroom Link: Click here (or click through on the Pin).
Curalate Solution: Showroom

Kohl’s absolutely crushes it on Pinterest. They create custom Pins, often featuring a lifestyle image and eye-catching branding to stand out. Pinterest is a great place to seamlessly discover workouts, healthy recipes and workout gear, so Kohl’s takes the extra step to create a fabulous Pin, sure to attract those fitness-minded Pinners.

Why this is cool: As previously mentioned, the Pin image itself is fantastic (top left image below). However, by using a Showroom link as the destination once a Pinner clicks, Kohl’s is giving curious Pinners the gift of choice. In fact, the Pin image only features the sneakers, the headband, and the sweatshirt, but the Showroom link includes the leggings. Plus, it looks like a few of these items were hot sellers and are now out of stock, but Showroom allows the option to shop similar looks and products, drastically increasing the chance of making a sale and keeping customers coming back to Kohl’s for fitness flair.


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