Rockin’ Reveal

Brand: Guitar Center
Live Link: Click here.
Curalate Solution: Reveal

Guitar Center is currently selling a series of limited-edition Grateful Dead ukuleles in funky, psychedelic prints. To promote them, they featured an eye-catching Reveal on their ukulele category page header.

Why this is cool: It’s essential to promote limited-edition or limited-time products, and Guitar Center knew to put these front and center for anyone searching their website for a ukulele. Got a friend who’s a Dead Head and has also spent time in Hawaii?

How to Know What’s Best to Buy

Brand: Best Buy
Live Link: Click here.
Curalate Solution: Fanreel

Remember what it felt like to covet the latest and greatest toys on the playground? Best Buy taps into that feeling in a big way by sharing their fans’ latest tech buys in this #HowIBestBuy gallery.

Why this is cool: Best Buy is crushing it with user-generated content, which isn’t always easy to do with technology, and they give fans the option to either tag them on Instagram or upload a photo directly on their website. The gallery is also fully shoppable, with similar products featured in the same pop-up window. Tech lovers, assemble!

Showroom: A Reebok Story

Brand: Reebok UK
View Saved Story here: @ReebokUK Instagram (Click ‘Always Training’)
Curalate Solution: Showroom

With the new(ish) ability to pin Stories to your Instagram profile, brands can extend the life of their Stories past the 24-hour mark. Reebok’s Insta Stories are incredibly well-done, and they use Showroom links to let customers shop everything they see in them.

Why this is cool: Throughout the story, Reebok uses Showroom links for both videos and still images, giving inspired customers plenty of chances to shop their catalogue. You’ll be on your way to a stronger you in no time, and look fly while doing it!


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