Ardene Kweens

Brand: Ardene
Live Example on Twitter: Kylie Jenner’s Tweet, Kendall Jenner’s Tweet
Showroom Link: Click here.
Curalate Solution: Showroom

However which way you slice it, the Kardashian-Jenner family is kiiinda taking over the world. Earlier this year, Canadian retailer Ardene teamed up with Kendall and Kylie Jenner to collaborate on a fashion-forward, yet affordably-priced capsule collection. To promote their new fall line, Ardene created custom Showroom links and had the duo share them with their enormous social audiences on Twitter.

Why this is cool: Showroom links drive 60x more product discovery than typical social posts. Because the Jenners’ Twitter feeds are prime social real estate, Ardene used a Showroom experience link to drive eager buyers to the exact place where they can shop the highly-anticipated collection. This ultimately leads to more qualified traffic and conversions for Ardene, and makes it easier for fans to shop from the Jenners’ exclusive collection!


Brand: Citizens of Humanity
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Curalate Solution: Fanreel

The denim experts at Citizens of Humanity recently launched a campaign with USA for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, which is a nonprofit organization “dedicated to helping refugees survive, recover and build a better future.” Using a special hashtag, #WeAreAllHumanity, Citizens of Humanity is calling on their loyal fan base to submit photos to support this incredible cause. For every photo submitted, Citizens is donating $10 to USA for UNHCR. *stands up and cheers*

Why this is cool: Besides deserving all of the props for supporting such a great cause, Citizens of Humanity crafted a beautiful page of their website dedicated to this campaign and advertises it on multiple pages of the site. They created a new hashtag (their regular UGC gallery uses #ModelCitizen) and included an upload button right under the Fanreel, making it easy for fans to show their support. We couldn’t love this more if we tried!

An Out of the (Otter)Box Adventure

Brand: Otterbox
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Curalate Solution: Reveal

Outdoor Adventure Checklist: Canteen? Check. Compass? Check. Smartphone to take amazing Insta-worthy pics? Check! If you fancy yourself an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman, you likely have an ultra-tough OtterBox case on your smartphone to protect it from the elements. But did you also know they make other ultra-tough outdoor essentials like tumblers and dry boxes? In this example, we’re taken on a journey with Otterbox Ambassador Chris Brinlee Jr. to the magical Himalayas in Nepal.

Why this is cool: Everything about this is cool! But in particular, we’re blown away by the inspirational storytelling happening on this page, complemented by intermittent Reveals that point out all of the awesome products Brinlee used on his thrilling excursion. AND this is a double-whammy! OtterBox sneaks a Fanreel gallery at the bottom of the page to further inspire wanderlust and, well…let’s just say we’re an inch away from packing our bags and jetting off on an adventure!

Live Reveal!